Rx Processing Corp. Responds to Senate Re-importation Bill

Rx Processing Corp. Responds to Senate Re-importation Bill

WILMINGTON, Del. — Please replace the release dated May 11, 2007, with the following corrected version due to multiple revisions.

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Rx Processing Corporation (Pink Sheets:RXPC), recognizes that the collective resources of the United States government and the health care industry are working hard to secure the safety, efficacy and personal information security to supply the U.S. national health care needs of its citizens.

The following opinion of Peter Fiorillo highlights a direction to focus upon in the achievement of a mutual goal ensuring affordable and safe delivery of prescription medications.

“In the United States, each year thousands of big chain retail pharmacies are under construction in a national effort to secure access points for a continually aging population. Internationally, U.S. patents laws are being circumvented; generic medications are reducing the profitability of research to develop ground breaking medications like Statin medications by selling directly to U.S. citizens from foreign pharmacies. This increased stress on retailers forecasted 3-5 years into the future is significantly changing the viability of major chain pharmacies.

“Our Solution to health care is a matter of economics with a reasonable strategy over the next 10 years to build or lease thousands of 2000-3500 square foot prescription ordering locations nationally and endear struggling retail centers and independent pharmacies. Connecting these inexpensive locations with rents of $1,000- $2,500 and informed clerical personnel through a redundant database technology infrastructure to feed mail-order pharmacy networks. Mail-order pharmacy constantly monitors the critical elements of safety and compliance in the distribution of prescription medications.

“Strategy: Reduce the exaggerated capital costs of major chain retail pharmacies at a construction cost of $5- $10 million dollars per unit and centralize labor charges. Immediate Effect: Capital reduction will reduce overhead and divert maintenance scheduled prescription medication sales to be serviced VIA mail-order. Secondary Actions: Expand available pharmacist consultations at major retailers, enhance the dialogue with patients, bill Medicare for these services and continue to provide access to acute care medications for $4 dollars a script.

“Market issues: Senior citizens regimented into daily actions understand their health care issues are not political in nature but strive for the security, health and well being of family and friends. Sourcing of prescription medications is viable and will continue as a basic action in ones right to live and it will continue to be protected through unity of mission, and complimented through grass roots communications.

“Immediate action: This opinion and plan has been developed from years of experience and direct knowledge of the industry. Today, we conclude wishing innovators and competitors like Renzo Luzzatti of www.ca-usrx2.com respect and goodwill in their quest to continue reducing the costs of prescription medication through sourcing.”

Peter Fiorillo

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Rx Processing Corp., an innovator in the distribution of pharmaceutical medications and laboratory diagnostics managed through storefront locations, is deploying a direct to consumer delivery business model that fulfills the needs of under and uninsured clients’ health care needs. Our technology platform services the needs of U.S. citizens with our secure RxPC advocacy program, independent pharmacy consultant program, and ordering system for laboratory testing and prescription medications through licensed pharmacies in the United States and CLIA-certified patient service centers. The company provides access to FDA approved brand-name and generic medications, thousands of laboratory diagnostics with access to 4,000+ CLIA-certified patient service centers for specimen collection. Rx Processing Corp. estimates that more than 48 million United States citizens would benefit from these company programs.

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