RIOT-E Clinches Record Breaking Deal with Guinness World Records; Global Wireless Entertainment Company Joins Up for Launch of the Guinness World Records 2002 Book

RIOT-E Clinches Record Breaking Deal with Guinness World Records; Global Wireless Entertainment Company Joins Up for Launch of the Guinness World Records 2002 Book

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Riot Entertainment (RIOT-E,, the global leader in wireless entertainment, is bringing the latest Guinness World Records records direct to mobile phone users.

To tie in with today’s launch of Guinness World Records 2002, RIOT-E has secured the wireless rights to the world’s best selling copyright book.

The icon and ring tone options which are published alongside records in the 2002 book allow users to personalise their phones to reflect their favourite Guinness World Records record – for example, selecting Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison (Julia Roberts being the highest paid actress per film) as a ringtone.

With exclusive access to the Guinness World Records database, RIOT-E’s innovative SMS service will provide interested fans with detailed information on any Guinness World Records record. The news service will automatically update subscribers with any new or attempted records as they happen.

RIOT-E has also developed a series of interactive quizzes and games based on the book, ranging from two-player general knowledge challenges, to a WAP picture puzzle.

“Guinness World Records is the one of the most popular books on the planet,” said Jan Wellmann, CEO at RIOT-E. “This is a great example of how an iconic print publisher can be successfully fused with wireless technology.”

“This is another example of a great brand choosing to work with RIOT-E. Our new services will make people feel part of the records as and when they happen.”

“Guinness World Records was very keen to work with us and we are embarking on a joint global marketing campaign to provide this service to SMS users worldwide.”

“With the continued success of the Guinness World Records brand across print, TV and the Internet, the explosion in SMS usage has created another opportunity for consumers to tap into some of the Guinness World Records magic,” said Lisa Kennedy, Vice President of Business Development for Guinness World Records. “Because of its penetration in the market, RIOT-E is the obvious choice of company to partner with to promote this new service.”

Now in its 48th edition, Guinness World Records is printed in 23 different languages and is available in over 100 different countries. It has sold more than 90 million copies and holds the accolade of being the best ever selling copyright book in the world.

NOTES TO EDITORS About Riot Entertainment Ltd ( Founded in February 2000, Riot Entertainment immediately established itself as the most innovative publisher, creator, and distributor of entertainment in the wireless sector. RIOT-E brings with it imagination and style that enables wireless gaming, communication and commerce worldwide. Games created by RIOT-E are promoted and co- branded in parallel with highly visible international media releases such as movies, TV-shows, and sports events. RIOT-E has successfully launched its Bridget Jones and X-Men mobile services with operators in Europe and Asia and has secured exclusive rights to mobile content based on New Line Cinema’s “The Lord of The Rings” film trilogy. RIOT-E currently has offices in Helsinki, Singapore, Manila, London, Paris, Berlin, Rome and Los Angeles and employs 70 people worldwide.

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