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Research and Markets: Insurance Finance and Investment

Research and Markets: Insurance Finance and Investment

DUBLIN, Ireland — Get the inside Track on the Financing Plans and Investment Strategies of Insurance Companies

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Insurance Finance and Investment to their offering.

The latest news on all aspects of insurance companies’ financing plans and investment managers’ strategies.

Insurance Finance and Investment Report provides the insurance industry’s leading corporate executives, bankers, and portfolio managers with hands-on analysis and practical advice regarding the many challenges and developments facing the industry.

Strategic Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Upcoming and Rumored Deals

Financial Developments

Insurance Finance and Investment Report is the only publication that breaks news in the fast-growing areas of insurance asset management, corporate finance and risk management. In each twice-monthly issue you will find the latest on insurance mergers and acquisitions, capital formation, internal and external money management, alternative risk vehicles and regulatory affairs.

“Insurance Finance and Investment provides a balanced blend of strategy and market information which we find so critical.” – Xavier Ribierre, Lovells

Here are just a few of the ways Insurance Finance and Investment can increase your bottom line:

Identify potential new business: Every issue provides new business leads, including who is looking for financing, which insurance companies are seeking money managers, and which are the latest alternative risk transfer vehicles.

Determine what’s hot, what’s not, and why: Whether you’re an issuer or an investor, you’ll find out the advantages and disadvantages of new structures and financing strategies. We give you the detail you need to develop, structure or invest in a new deal.

Keep an eye on your clients and competition: with comprehensive industry coverage – From who’s for sale to who’s buying what, from the top investment managers to the hottest asset classes, Insurance Finance and Investment gives you the information you need to make informed decisions.

Sample Headlines:

Spotlight on The Record Number of Captive Insurance Subsidiaries Being Created

How the U.S. Property and Casualty Insurance Industry Could Have Saved $30 Billion Annually By Changing The Way it Processes Insurance Claims

More Bermuda Insurers Set Up Shop

Moves By A Leading U.K. Insurer to Assign Funds to a Hedge Fund

Money Management Moves By Key Insurers

New Study Quanitifies Insurer Investment Patterns

What’s Ahead for Insurance Accounting

Details behind Planned IPO’s

Unique Deals and Financing

22 issues per year

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