Quantum Corporation Announces Availability of Universal ATA Hard-Drive Tester

Quantum Corporation Announces Availability of Universal ATA Hard-Drive Tester

MILPITAS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov. 20, 2000

Qtest-ATA is a Diagnostic Tool that Saves Time and Money

for Computer OEMs, Distribution Channel and

Repair Service Providers

Providing a solution for the costly “no trouble found” (NTF) dilemma that has plagued the hard drive industry for many years, the Personal Computing Storage Division of Quantum Corporation’s Hard Disk Drive Group (NYSE:HDD) today announced the availability of its universal hand-held hard drive tester — the Qtest-ATA. With this valuable diagnostic tool, computer builders and sellers have the ability to determine if any ATA hard drive is the cause of a system failure.

The Qtest-ATA, available now for $249.95, eliminates the time and expense associated with sending properly functioning hard drives back to the manufacturer for unnecessary repair. This solution benefits the entire hard drive supply chain by reducing extra hard drive inventory that distributors now carry. It will also reduce the time and cost associated with processing errant returns.

“The Qtest-ATA is an extremely valuable tool for buyers, sellers and manufacturers of hard drives, as well as third party repair-service providers and retail stores that sell computers,” said Jerry Skaw, director of Services Development for Quantum Corp. “Our data suggests that 90 percent of the NTF outcomes would be eliminated if hard drives were tested on the Qtest-ATA before being returned to manufacturers. In some cases, this could represent up to 40 percent of the total field returns.”

Features and Functionality

The Qtest-ATA, which can fit inside a person’s hand, features automatic pass/fail testing that can be performed for all makes and models of ATA hard drives. The device is capable of testing one drive at a time. It utilizes a single button operation with prompted user messages and provides the option to perform short and long media scans — ranging in time from less than a minute to one minute per gigabyte. Test results can be captured on a Palm PDA device, a serial printer or a laptop computer allowing users to log test data from multiple hard drives and present that information in an organized spreadsheet format.

The only operator action required is to attach the hard drive to the tester using the 40-pin ribbon cable that is provided and to follow simple directions displayed on the unit’s display. The tester does not require a personal computer to operate and works without having to remove the hard drive from the computer. In the event that a Quantum hard drive has failed a test, a Quantum-specific validation code is displayed, which customers reference to order a replacement drive.

The Qtest-ATA is a complementary hardware extension of Quantum’s Data Protection System (DPS) software. The difference between these solutions is that the Qtest-ATA device allows users to verify the health of all ATA hard drives on computer systems that are unable to start. The DPS test is confined only to Quantum hard drives and works only when a system is running.

How to Order Qtest-ATA

The Qtest-ATA is available now for purchase by calling 408/324-7188. Additional sales channels will be created for the product in the near future.

About Quantum

About Quantum Founded in 1980, Quantum Corporation (www.quantum.com) is one of the world’s leading storage suppliers. Its principal products include hard disk drives for both the desktop and high-end market segments, tape drives, network attached storage (NAS) appliances, solid state systems, hard disk drive appliances for consumer electronics, and DLTtape(TM) automation systems. In 1999, Quantum became the first Silicon Valley company to issue tracking stock, replacing its existing common stock with the ticker symbols DSS and HDD, which track the separate performance of the company’s DLT and Storage Systems and Hard Disk Drive businesses. Both stocks are traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

Selling its products through OEM and distribution channels worldwide, Quantum’s sales for the fiscal year ended March 2000 were $1.4 billion for Quantum’s DLT and Storage Systems Group and $3.3 billion for Quantum’s Hard Disk Drive Group. Quantum Corp., 500 McCarthy Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035, 408-894-4000, www.quantum.com.

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