Preservation Sciences Announces Yikes! Pops Adds Natural Choice in Their Multi-Vitamin Freeze Popsicles

Preservation Sciences Announces Yikes! Pops Adds Natural Choice in Their Multi-Vitamin Freeze Popsicles

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Preservation Sciences, Inc. (Pink Sheets:PSVI), a company that researches and develops natural technologies for the food, and beverage markets, today announced that Yikes!(TM) Multi-Vitamin Freeze Pops has added Natural Choice to its entire freeze Popsicle line of products.

Yikes!(TM) Multi-Vitamin Freeze Pops is the brand name of all natural products from J. Leonard Neutraceuticals and Global Access Partners. Yikes!(TM) Multi-Vitamin Freeze Pops contain no artificial sweeteners or added sugars and now with Natural Choice no chemical preservatives.

“We are excited about adding Natural Choice to our Multi-Vitamin Freeze Pops,” Ms. Rebecca Leonard, Chief Executive Officer of J. Leonard Neutraceuticals stated. “Natural Choice gives us a competitive advantage, because mothers and fathers want their kids to have safer, healthier products without the chemical preservatives.”

“We are pleased to provide an all natural Yikes!(TM) Multi-Vitamin Freeze Pop to the market. Providing a natural preservative brings us to the forefront of the all natural and organic movement and we now have a healthy alternative to provide to our customers,” Mr. Martin J. Levins, Managing Director of Global Access Partners stated.

Mr. Gary Harrison, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Preservation Sciences, Inc. stated, “We are glad to have a partnership with J. Leonard Neutraceuticals and Global Access Partners. We look forward to the expansion of their product line and having a great customer,” Mr. Harrison said.

Natural Choice is a natural preservative used to replace sodium benzoate, potassium benzoate and potassium sorbate from beverages and other liquid products. These chemical preservatives can be replaced and use an all natural formula developed by Preservation Sciences, Inc.

About Preservation Sciences, Inc.

Preservation Sciences, Inc. is a company that researches, manufactures and markets preservative products for the food, beverage and industrial markets. More information about Preservation Sciences is available on the Company’s Web site at

About Global Access Partners

Global Access Partners is a global import/export distributor. Global Access Partners seeks new and different products and services to bring to the world and specializes in developing strategic alliances for companies in North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. Find out more about Global Access Partners at

About J. Leonard Neutraceuticals

J. Leonard Neutraceuticals is the creator of Yikes!(TM) Multi-Vitamin Freeze Pops and is owned by a husband and wife team from Pittsburgh, PA.

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