Premiere Issue of “O, The Oprah Magazine,” the Women’s Personal Growth Guide for the 21st Century

Premiere Issue of “O, The Oprah Magazine,” the Women’s Personal Growth Guide for the 21st Century

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Editorial Highlights Include: Oprah Exclusive with Camille Cosby,

Singer/Actress Jewel’s Journal, Books That Made A Difference and

The “O” List

Hearst Magazines today introduces “O, The Oprah Magazine,” the women’s personal growth guide for the 21st century, debuting on newsstands nationwide Wednesday, April 19. The magazine addresses all aspects of a woman’s life, ranging from inner well-being, health and fitness, relationships and self-discovery, to fashion, home design, books and food. More than one million copies will be distributed at newsstands across the country.

As founder and editorial director, Oprah says, “I believe you’re here to become more of yourself, to live your best life. The magazine will present articles and stories of other people to help women look at their lives differently.”

“Our goal is to create a magazine that celebrates women’s lives,” said Ellen Kunes, editor-in-chief of “O, The Oprah Magazine.” “Starting with the beautiful cover photo of Oprah taken by Patrick Demarchelier, to the table of contents appearing in the front of the book — pages 2 and 3 — without the interruption of advertising, to the fashion spreads and feature stories, we have looked at ways to captivate and inspire readers.”

Among the stories in the premiere issue of “O” is an exclusive Oprah Q&A interview with Camille Cosby, the first Cosby has granted since the death of her and Bill Cosby’s son, Ennis. Each issue will have an opening column by Oprah, Let’s Talk, and a closing page by Oprah, What I Know For Sure.

Other editorial highlights from the premiere issue of “O, The Oprah Magazine” include:

— My Journal – Singer-actress Jewel opens her diary and her

soul. Noted persons will share their intimate thoughts and

turning points with “O” readers in every issue (p. 96).

— Tina Turner’s secret love of horror movies and scary books is

revealed in Who Knew? In every issue, find out what a

celebrity does that readers don’t know (p. 80).

— Tell It Like It Is – Every issue, contributing editor Dr. Phil

McGraw offers advice on relationships. In this issue, McGraw

advises readers about how to deal with selfish friends and

know-it-all husbands (p. 74).

— Financial Freedom – Suze Orman, “O” contributing editor,

provides insight in her column about money and how our

emotions are connected with financial matters (p. 84).

— Use Your Life – This regular feature in “O”, using the

inspiring real life stories of women, will focus on ways to

enhance your life by making a difference in someone else’s

life. In the debut issue, learn how one woman started by

making one sandwich and single-handedly was able to change

hundreds of children’s lives (p. 92).

— Dream Big – How and why one woman followed her lifelong

passion and traded a lucrative modeling career to pursue

creating pottery and housewares. In this regular section, “O”

presents stories about real women who have found personal

fulfillment (p. 70).

— Soul Story – What is a strong hunch? Contributing editor Gary

Zukav’s regular column will discuss being multi-sensory,

relying on the five senses and everything else around you


— The Color Of Love – Can a mixed-race woman and her prejudiced

grandmother reconcile? A personal story of love and

understanding (p. 117).

— The Hidden Power of Listening – A weekend without words. What

would you hear if you weren’t talking? How silence can confer

power (p.124).

— Oprah To Go – Pocket-size cards with words of wisdom that you

can take with you (p. 130).

— The “O” List – Cozy PJs? Beautiful candles? E-books? In every

issue, discover a few of Oprah’s favorite things (p. 135).

— Get Set To Get Fit – Each issue, contributing editor Bob

Greene will provide “O” readers with a back-to-basics program,

complete with a Health-4-2000 contract. Greene provides

helpful hints and inspirational stories on how to achieve your

health-related goals (p. 184).

— Connect With Your Friends This Weekend – A girls-only retreat

can be a well-deserved break. “O” chronicles one group’s

weekend retreat and shows you how to plan your own getaway to

recharge with your friends (p. 204).

— Give Yourself Some Flowers – Treat yourself to petals and

Alice Walker poetry too (p. 214).

— Sunday: The Day Just For You – Oprah’s suggestions for giving

yourself the gift of a day to yourself (p. 252).

— Breathing Space: Still Waters – Every issue will feature an

inspirational photograph that invites your mind to escape.

This issue, a serene mountainside lake (p. 258).

— Books That Made A Difference: Oprah on The Four Agreements – In

the premiere issue, Oprah reveals a book that changed her life

with four simple rules to live by. In every issue, this feature

will provide an excerpt from a book — old or new — that has

influenced someone’s life. The person sharing his/her special

book will also let “O” readers into his/her private library

(p. 261).

“O, The Oprah Magazine” is a co-venture between Hearst Magazines and Harpo Entertainment Group. The premiere May/June issue will have a distribution of one million copies. The first and second issues will stay on the newsstand for two months and the magazine will go monthly in September. The magazine has an oversized format (9 x 10 7/8) and the cover price is $2.95.

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