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Premier Laser Systems, Affiliates Introduce Eight New Products at American Academy of Ophthalmology National Conference

Premier Laser Systems, Affiliates Introduce Eight New Products at American Academy of Ophthalmology National Conference

IRVINE, Calif.–(BW HealthWire)–Nov. 6, 1998–Premier Laser Systems Inc. (Nasdaq NM: PLSIA) Friday announced that it, along with its subsidiaries and joint venture affiliate companies, will introduce eight new advanced technology products and systems for eyecare professionals at the Annual American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) Conference in New Orleans, Nov. 8-11.

Featured products will be demonstrated by Premier Laser, its wholly-owned subsidiary Eyesys Premier, its majority-owned joint venture Data.Site, and 51 percent-owned Ophthalmic Imaging Systems Inc.

The new products span a broad range of diagnostics, therapeutics, information management, and international translation of applications.

According to Premier Laser Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Colette Cozean, Ph.D., “The introduction of multiple products at this year’s AAO conference substantially expands the breadth of our ophthalmic product line and highlights our combined ophthalmic business units as an emerging force in this important market. From surgery itself to pre- and post-operative mapping, imaging and outcomes analysis, we are providing innovation for ophthalmologists and helping to improve vision care across the board.”

The following products are to be featured at the four-day AAO event:

Digital Fundus Imager

The Digital Fundus Imager is a digital camera and recording system for color and/or fluorescein angiography of the retina to be sold at a substantially lower price than competitors’ products. It provides the physician the benefits of live motion image capture, immediate playback and digital storage, clarity of patient education, and electronic doctor-to-doctor referral capabilities. OIS announced Nov. 3, 1998 that it had received clearance from the FDA to market the Digital Fundus Imager for diagnosis and recording of a variety of retinal conditions.

VISX Refractive Planner

A new software package that simulates the PRK/LASIK procedure for VISX Stars S2 lasers will be demonstrated on the show floor. The Planner is the result of a joint development program between EyeSys Premier and VISX Inc. The VISX Refractive Planner incorporates ablation data into a pre-operative image of the patient’s cornea and produces a simulated post-operative corneal image. The refractive planner provides a tool for surgeons to visually customize refractive ablation procedures, offering the possibility of optimizing these surgical outcomes. The system is currently in beta evaluation by the joint venture partners.

OnTarget Network

The Data.Site OnTarget Network is a unique addition to their Web site where ophthalmologists, optometrists, and especially patients can retrieve statistical data on eye procedures. Previously, ophthalmologists around the globe have been able to compare their refractive and cataract surgical outcomes with the Data.Site worldwide database of similar procedures, helping them to keep abreast of the most successful surgical techniques, evaluate their own surgical recommendations and guide treatment decisions. Now, patients and referring optometrists have broadened access to important surgical outcomes data that can improve their decision making ability. The Web site can be accessed at


The Premier dERmium system is a multi purpose, Erbium-based skin resurfacing laser system that features a dual-beam delivery system. The Erbium system incorporates the flexibility of multiple energy levels for different skin procedures and rapid healing as compared with CO2 lasers on the market.

Vista Software Version 4.1

EyeSys Vista is a handheld corneal topography system, featuring the well-known EyeSys System 2000 software. The Version 4.1 software release upgrades the existing Vista software and provides significant improvements targeting ease of use, automatic hardware setup and flexibility. Vista software can be installed in a wide variety of PC-based computer systems, offering the capability of reviewing EyeSys corneal topography data at home or in the office.

Limbus-to-Limbus Mapping

System 2000 software Version 4.1 enables practitioners to use automatic limbus detection and mapping. Limbus line registration is an important indicator of patients’ fixation during an exam. The estimation of curvature extending to the limbus line provides useful information to both refractive surgeons and optometrists in the fitting of contact lenses.

Digital Slit Lamp Imager

The Digital Slit Lamp Imager is a low-cost, live-motion recording system that integrates with most slit lamps. With the use of the Imager, physicians can integrate the capture, storage and immediate playback of patient examinations into the examination routine, providing a more graphic and easily understandable platform for patient education as well as documentation.

EyeSys Internationalization Package

System 2000 Version 4.1 software package includes German, Italian, Spanish languages in addition to English.

In addition to the new products above, Premier and its affiliates will feature existing product lines including the Premier Centauri(TM) erbium laser for ophthalmic procedures. The basic laser system has been cleared to market for dermabrasion or skin resurfacing, blepharoplasty, and anterior capsulotomy processes. Procedures for cataract emulsification are currently in clinical trials and have not yet received FDA clearance.

Also featured at the show will be the EyeSys Premier Vista(TM), one of the first hand-held corneal topography models on the market. Designed in the shape of a camera, the device provides a smaller and easily transportable version of the EyeSys System 2000.

Premier Laser Systems develops, manufactures and markets several lines of proprietary medical and dental lasers, fiber optic delivery systems and associated products for a variety of dental, ophthalmic, dermatologic and surgical applications.

The statements in this release that relate to future events or performance, statements about growth, future regulatory clearances, levels of sales and market size and future manufacturing capacity and efficiencies are forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties, including risks associated with uncertainties related to the development of markets for and commercial acceptance of the company’s products and services, the availability of components, competitors’ product introductions and other risks identified in the company’s SEC filings. Actual results may differ from those described in these forward-looking statements. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date hereof.

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