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Powerball International, Inc. to Join Hydrogen Powered Vehicle Research Project

Powerball International, Inc. to Join Hydrogen Powered Vehicle Research Project

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Powerball International, Inc. (OTC BB: PRBL) today announced that it has agreed to produce a version of their patented hydrogen generation system for use as an emergency backup fuel supply for a hydrogen powered mining vehicle, code named ZEUS.

The zero emissions utility solution (ZEUS) mining vehicle project is under the direction of the Spokane Research Laboratory (SRL) of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

The objective of this research project is to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of using hydrogen as an alternate, zero emission fuel that could reduce the exposure of underground miners to diesel particulate matter. The vehicle used in this project is an EIMCO 975 utility truck, which is an articulated four-wheel drive, general purpose vehicle with a hydrogen converted internal combustion engine and a 10,000-lb payload capacity.

“We look forward to contributing to the NIOSH hydrogen powered vehicle research program and are pleased that the effort may eventually result in a safer and healthier work environment for the hard working miners,” commented William Freise, Powerball International Inc. President.

Powerball International is a development-stage company that has invented and patented a proprietary technology to safely store, transport, and generate hydrogen from a solid material at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. The energy potential of hydrogen is carried in the chemical bonds of sodium hydride that, in the presence of water, releases hydrogen. The reaction that occurs is exothermic and requires no additional input of heat energy to release the hydrogen. The process supplies pure hydrogen on demand for energy applications without the need for expensive catalysts, compression or liquefaction. Hydrogen is used to power fuel cells, and internal combustion engines, and is also used for heating, food processing, and many industrial applications.

A picture of the hydrogen powered ZEUS mining vehicle is available at

A description of Powerball patents and target markets is available at

For more information on Powerball International, visit or call 801-974-9120.

The Spokane Research Laboratory (SRL) is a research facility for the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). NIOSH is focused on improving worker safety and health and is a research support arm of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). For more information on the hydrogen powered ZEUS vehicle, please contact: Elaine Cullen, NIOSH – Spokane Research Laboratory, 315 E. Montgomery Avenue, Spokane, WA 99207 or telephone (509) 354-8057.

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