Pop N Go Receives Funding Commitment for $2.5 Million to $5 Million From Prior Funding Group

Pop N Go Receives Funding Commitment for $2.5 Million to $5 Million From Prior Funding Group

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WHITTIER, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–June 4, 2001

Pop N Go Inc. (OTCBB:POPN) has received a letter dated May 29, 2001, from Regal Growth Funding Inc., which has already facilitated $3 million in funding to date for Pop N Go.

The letter states: “Regal Growth Funding commits to raise 2.5 million to 5 million dollars, within the next 90 days, to assist Pop N Go in its current acquisitions and global expansion.

“On Friday, May 25, 2001 our analysts submitted an extremely positive overview of your current acquisition and expansion plans. Both analysts put a value on the stock of $5.00 per share.

“To date, Regal Growth Funding has raised $3 million in capital for Pop N Go and looks forward to assisting in the capitalization of Pop N Go’s growth.”

Pop N Go is pleased that Regal feels so strongly about the company and that it has committed to additional funding. The additional funding will allow Pop N Go to dramatically expand its core businesses. New distributors for its state-of-the-art vending equipment are being regularly added. The number of locations where it operates popcorn-vending units on a revenue-sharing basis is being increased as the company raises financing capabilities.

Additionally, the company has added a dynamic video monitor to its equipment. These monitors will supplement profits through commercial advertising revenues derived from sites like JFK Airport and other strategic, high-traffic locations.

Through its shortly-to-be-acquired subsidiary, Branax LLC, a popcorn flavoring company, with pending orders from major national companies (to be announced), it will produce the first popcorn flavoring offering a variety of tastes in individual servings. The company will enter the consumer flavoring market through distribution in supermarkets and movie theater chains.

As the first single-serving flavor packets for popcorn, to be mass-produced, the consumer demand for this product, called FlixStix, has been found to be extremely strong.

As its core business, management places its own popcorn-vending equipment in high-traffic locations as a continual source of revenue. Placements are continually established in diverse locations, from small to medium-sized business settings that want to sell high-quality popcorn, to major real estate operating companies seeking additional revenue streams.

Revenues are shared with the company. New customers and placements are generated through a rising number of different distributors and channels. (This revenue-sharing model’s adaptability is being augmented by the creation of the video advertising profit center.)

As a high-quality vending equipment manufacturer, management profitably sells equipment to third-party snack vendors through an ever-increasing number of distribution channels of dealers, domestically and overseas.

Pop N Go popcorn machines are currently located in airports, convenience stores, supermarkets, bowling alleys, car washes, fast- food chains, movie theaters, bars, convenience stores, shopping malls, bowling alleys, military bases, travel plazas and a wide range of other retail, industrial and office locations. A more complete list of placement type locations can be obtained at the company Web site, www.popngo.com.

Pop N Go’s unique, hot-air popcorn machine delivers single servings of hot, fresh popcorn and is sized to fit almost anywhere (2 by 2 feet), making it a perfect fit for airport terminals, where maximizing sales per square foot and minimizing labor costs are essential. Airports feature consistently heavy, “captive” foot traffic, making them the most coveted retail space for both food retailers and advertisers alike.

The company’s self-contained equipment allows each customer to choose butter and the level of salt desired (if any) while viewing the entire popping process. The total vend cycle takes approximately two minutes, which is shorter than the microwave or kettle-popped process. Pop N Go’s patented unit can be used as a stand-alone vending machine or in a manual mode for traditional food-service applications.

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