Pontiflex Launches First Open and Transparent Directory for Online Lead Generation

Pontiflex Launches First Open and Transparent Directory for Online Lead Generation

GENList 2.0 Enables Transparent Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) Marketing, Helping Marketers Increase Returns on Online Advertising

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — Pontiflex, the only open cost per lead (CPL) market, today launched Pontiflex GENList 2.0, the online lead-generation industry’s first open and transparent publisher directory. Through Pontiflex GENList 2.0, advertisers will be able to pay exclusively for consumer leads, and not for clicks and impressions that might never convert.

“With returns on display advertising falling and search keywords becoming increasingly more expensive, GENList 2.0 provides marketers with an effective way to increase advertising ROI,” said Zephrin Lasker, Founder and CEO, Pontiflex.

While advertisers pay for impressions in a CPM pricing model and for clicks in CPC campaigns, cost-per-Lead (CPL) advertising enables advertisers to pay only for qualified leads generated from their ads.

Traditionally, advertisers have had little or no insight into their lead-generation campaigns, as transparency has been a long standing problem in the industry. Lacking visibility into campaign placements, online marketers have not been able to optimize consumer lead-generation campaigns to their fullest potential.

Now, with online lead generation growing at 71% year-to-year, more than twice the rate of the overall online advertising market (IDC), a solution is needed.

The Pontiflex GENList 2.0 offers transparency via the first comprehensive and open listing of publishers, giving advertisers the ability to form meaningful engagements with brand conscious consumers. With Pontiflex GENList 2.0, advertisers are able to evaluate publishers and optimize campaigns on the basis of quantitative criteria such as CPL, fields collected, and lead volume.

Advertisers can get unlimited access to the entire online lead-generation market of publishers, reaching up to 17 million leads per month across 12 industry categories.

“For years, broadcast, print and banner marketers have always had easy access to qualitative and quantitative campaign data,” said Lasker. “Now, marketers have the same level of detail for consumer online lead generation. GENList 2.0 tears down traditional barriers between online marketers and publishers in the lead generation industry. It’s an ideal solution for advertisers looking to generate qualified leads for their newsletters, direct marketing campaigns, member loyalty programs and brand-specific sales efforts.”

To further enable optimization and visibility, Pontiflex has partnered with Quantcast, the only open internet ratings service, to allow advertisers to view detailed audience and demographic reports of publishers. Additionally, advertisers can view thumbnails of the publishers to determine contextual relevance for their ads.

“GENList 2.0 addresses a major pain point,” said Jared Blank, CEO, Tripmela, an industry leading online travel website focused on India. “If we could map leads to their sources, I’m convinced that we could easily increase our ROI by at least 25% due to obvious corrections. This is now possible with GENList 2.0.”

Because the Pontiflex GENList 2.0 is open, any publisher that offers lead generation advertising is welcome to get listed, allowing them to open up new revenue streams for their business.

The launch of Pontiflex GENList 2.0 follows the recent completion of $2.5 million in Series A funding led by New Atlantic Ventures and Greenhill SAVP. Pontiflex GENList 2.0 can be accessed at www.pontiflex.com.

About Pontiflex

Pontiflex is the first open cost per lead (CPL) market for publishers, advertisers and technology providers. Advertisers connect to brand-conscious consumers through Pontiflex and pay only for specific customer leads, not just clicks or impressions that might become leads.

Pontiflex has redefined consumer lead generation through CPL, the fastest growing segment in online advertising. The company makes advertising accountable by eliminating the traditional guesswork inherent in CPM and CPC models to give marketers leads they can trust.

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