Platform-A’s Launches a Self-Service Solution for Publishers

Platform-A’s Launches a Self-Service Solution for Publishers

NEW YORK — AOL today announced that is launching PubAccess, a Web-based, self-serve interface for publishers to join the network. PubAccess is designed for small publishers to easily manage the advertisements displayed on their sites ( The solution combines the control and simplicity of a self-service interface with the quality and technology advantages of the network.

With network approval, PubAccess provides publishers with more control over the inventory they place within the display network by allowing them to block advertisers and categories, pull tags and view activity reports. In addition, by using PubAccess, publishers’ inventory will be optimized by’s AdLearn technology, providing greater revenue and payouts. Publishers will also benefit from Platform-A’s premium advertiser base and experienced sales force.

“Until now, smaller publishers didn’t have a lot of options to receive CPM pricing for their display inventory,” says Lynda Clarizio, President of Platform-A. “PubAccess provides a scalable solution for the tens of thousands of quality publishers who want to join’s leading display ad network. continues to work hard to develop new products and monetization opportunities for the publisher community, and we are excited by the initial positive response we have received for PubAccess.”

“Quality and service is the key to PubAccess’ value,” says David Jacobs, Senior Vice President of Publisher Services at “Without access to a network like ours, smaller publishers were limited in the types of advertisers they could attract. Now, with this tool, we can easily work with and service thousands of publishers, and they will have access to the same advertiser quality that our current publishers enjoy.”

PubAccess extends Platform-A’s efforts to help Web publishers more effectively monetize their ad inventory. In February, AOL acquired, a leading affiliate network that provides a platform for performance-based e-commerce marketing programs to advertisers and publishers. In addition, recently launched WidgNet, a service that monetizes and supports widget developers and their inventory.

PubAccess and will debut next week at the ad:tech conference, Booth #6266, in San Francisco. Publishers will be able to join the network at the show from a dozen computers at the Cyber Cafe Exhibit.

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