Petopia, Novica, eTour; Top Web Sites Accelerate Page Download Times and Improve Customer Satisfaction with Blueflame

The ‘Last Mile’ to Consumer Delight Discovered by Fireclick Customers: Petopia, Novica, eTour; Top Web Sites Accelerate Page Download Times and Improve Customer Satisfaction with Blueflame

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LOS ALTOS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov. 20, 2000

Fireclick, Inc., the leader in “last mile” Web content acceleration, today announced that, and are the latest Web sites to deploy the company’s award-winning Blueflame(TM) technology to dramatically accelerate Web access for online consumers. By dramatically speeding-up site performance, Blueflame improves end-user satisfaction, visitor retention, and creates new opportunities for increased revenues.

“It has become unacceptable for Web sites to cross-over the dreaded eight-second download threshold,” said Ram Srinivisan, Fireclick’s CEO. “eBusinesses realize that a content acceleration solution needs to directly impact the end-user experience. This is exactly what Fireclick is doing for, and We are making these content- and graphically-rich sites noticeably faster and their customers are loving it.”

A Faster Way to Pet Paradise

In competitive times for online pet supply retailers, customer satisfaction is crucial., the online partner of PETCO Animal Supplies, Inc., is proving with Fireclick that its commitment to pet enthusiasts has not wavered. Striving to provide the fastest and best shopping experience for pet products, evaluated many different content-caching alternatives. After performing a cost/benefit analysis, the company chose Fireclick because of Blueflame’s ease of installation, impact on the largest number of customers and impressive cost/benefit ratio.

“Blueflame addresses performance like no other product on the market by focusing on customers with the biggest performance problems — the dial-up user,” said Jeremy King,’s Chief Web Officer. “With many options available to increase Web site performance on the market today, Blueflame was our first choice to address’s performance needs.” Chooses Blueflame to Increase Sales and Improve Holiday Shopping

Dramatic and rich,’s distinctively eye-catching Web site displays an extraordinary array of handcrafted works of fine art and home decor from around the world. With Web site traffic averaging over 250,000 unique visitors per month, realized that to continue to attract, retain and convert browsers into buyers, its Web site had to download images and pages faster. In light of the upcoming holiday shopping season, knew it had to act fast and selected Fireclick’s Blueflame solution because of its quick implementation time and excellent customer support.

“The installation of Blueflame only took a few days and the results were immediate,” remarked Charles Hachtmann,’s Chief Technology Officer. “Page download times were reduced by 34 percent, but more impressively, we had customers calling us and asking what we did to make our Web site so much faster. We’re confident and ready for the intense holiday shopping season ahead, and although it is still too early to quantify, I am expecting a dramatic impact on our revenues.”

Blueflame Solves eTour’s Unique Speed Issue to Improve Business

Noted by MediaMetrix in September 2000 as the 18th most frequented site on the Web, strives to continually improve the experience of its four million regularly visiting members and the 10,000 new members it adds each day. The service delivers a selection of the Web’s best sites to its users, so the company was faced with a unique challenge; eTour did not need to accelerate its own Web site, but needed to speed the download times of other sites it delivers. Because eTour knows in advance what site a user will be receiving next, Blueflame’s predictive caching technology was the obvious choice to handle the high volume of traffic and provide a proven solution that could significantly reduce download times to as fast as one second.

“eTour is all about delivering the best Web sites on the Internet to our users — based on their specific interests,” according to Eric Fliegel, eTour’s Chief Information Officer. “By using Fireclick’s technology to accelerate the delivery of the sites we serve to our users, we are able to significantly improve our members’ experience with eTour. Blueflame will also add great value to our advertisers, since our advertisers’ sites are being delivered faster through our service.”

Introduced to market in March 2000, Blueflame, Fireclick’s patent-pending software product, speeds Web site performance through a unique “accelerated content delivery” algorithm. Using real-time click-stream analysis, Blueflame continually primes the browser cache one step ahead of the next mouse click. By downloading “most likely” page elements directly to a user’s browser cache, Blueflame reduces average download times. Blueflame’s ability to accelerate the delivery of dynamic URLs and interactive content between the Web host server and the end-user provides consumers with faster, more enjoyable online experiences.

About Fireclick, Inc.

Backed by funding from Menlo Ventures, Atlas Venture, and Thomas Weisel Partners, Fireclick drives the success of e-commerce by providing software that speeds Web access for consumers. Its flagship products, server-based Blueflame and the Netflame application service, resolve the inherent slowness associated with the Web by correcting the “last mile” problem. By predictively pre-downloading pages or elements of pages to a user’s browser cache, Blueflame accelerates content delivery, improving the online experience for consumers and generating increased loyalty and revenues for B2B or B2C e-commerce and content sites. For more information, please visit Fireclick’s Web site at

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