Persoft joins Stardust WinSock Labs

Persoft joins Stardust WinSock Labs

MADISON, Wis.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oct. 23, 1995–Persoft Inc., a provider of broad-based, PC-to-host connectivity solutions, has become a member of Stardust WinSock Labs (Campbell, Calif.), an independent testing and consulting resource center for Windows Sockets developers.

Persoft, a leading provider of PC-to-host connectivity and TCP/IP products, has become a member of Stardust WinSock Labs, an independent testing and consulting laboratory for furthering the development and interoperability of WinSock applications. As part of its membership, Persoft participated in Stardust’s recent Windows 95 WinSock Testing Event.

Steven Entine, CTO and vice president of software development for Persoft, noted: “Our joining Stardust Technologies further demonstrates our commitment to our customers in providing state-of-the-art, standard-compliant TCP/IP connectivity solutions.

“TCP/IP connectivity is a cornerstone of our SmarTerm product offerings, and participating in Stardust Labs ensures that we will have access to the latest support enhancements for the Windows Socket API.”

Persoft’s SmarTerm PC-to-host connectivity solutions consist of several different products that provide PC users access to DEC, Data General, IBM, UNIX, and X Server host environments with precise terminal emulation as well as Windows Sockets TCP/IP and LAT protocol stacks.

Included among its offerings is the recently announced SmarTerm Enterprise Suite, a one-stop solution for corporate users seeking multiple host connectivity and Internet access and SmarTerm Essential, a high-end multilingual VT420 emulation add-on to third-party TPC/IP stacks.

Stardust WinSock Labs opened in June 1995, as the industry’s first independent testing center for WinSock interoperability. The labs are led by Martin Hall, Stardust’s co-founder and CTO, as well as the creator of the WinSock API.

Commenting on Persoft’s becoming a member of Stardust, Hall stated: “We are delighted to welcome Persoft, a leading supplier of connectivity solutions and TCP/IP products, as a valued member of the Labs. They are demonstrating to their customers the high priority given to providing standardized, tested, and proven interoperability. Stardust is dedicated to providing Persoft the tools and environment they require to achieve their goals.”

Included among the services offered by Stardust to its member companies are the WinSock Support Alliance for resolving WinSock TCP/IP interoperability problems between vendors; free interoperability testing events such as the Windows 95 WinSock Testing Event; WinSock Labs, a multi-platform networking lab; WinSock Software Directory, a directory containing a comprehensive listing of WinSock-compliant communications stacks and WinSock compatible application.

Stardust also makes available to its members the WinSock Report, a quarterly hard-copy and on-line newsletter with news on WinSock applications as well as development tips, code samples, recently tested applications, lab reports, etc.; WinSock Development Training Courses consisting of in-depth, hands-on training courses; and the development consultancy whereby Stardust engineers provide architectural design, programming and testing services to WinSock application vendors.

Founded in 1995, the Stardust WinSock Labs provide comprehensive support and services to developers and implementors of the Windows Sockets API. The company was co-founded by Martin Hall, the originator of the Windows Sockets standard. Hall is the founding present chairman of the WinSock Group, the loosely structured industry coalition that in 1993 created the WinSock 1.1 specification.

Stardust WinSock Labs are located at 1901 S. Bascom Ave., Suite 333, Campbell, Calif. 95008, and can be reached by phone at 408/879-8080 and by fax at 408/879-8081. The company’s anonymous FTP address is and its World Wide Web page is located at

Persoft develops products that provide microcomputer users access to information and applications on local or remote systems. Persoft publishes text and graphics emulation software for DOS, Windows, the 32-bit version of Windows and Windows 95.

The corporation also produces the Intersect Remote Bridge for wireless connections between Ethernet and Token Ring LANs up to three miles apart. The company has headquarters in Wisconsin; its European headquarters are in the United Kingdom. For more information, see -0-

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