Park Free at New PCA-Hegenberger Lot and Fly from Oakland International Airport —and SFO—

Park Free at New PCA-Hegenberger Lot and Fly from Oakland International Airport —and SFO—

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OAKLAND, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–May 19, 2004

What could be better than knowing that a no-hassle, reserved parking space is waiting for you as you rush toward Oakland International Airport to begin your summer vacation or business trip?

How about a FREE, reserved parking space?

Parking Company of America Airports (PCA) is opening a new, convenient, secure, 2,400-space parking lot within one mile of the Bay Area’s most convenient, lowest-fare airport, and that’s what they’re offering — totally FREE PARKING all summer long.

And just so users of the PCA facility that serves San Francisco International Airport at 160 Produce Way, San Francisco, don’t feel left out, PCA will also offer them one day of totally free parking per trip (with a minimum 2-day stay) all summer long (through Aug. 31).

Travelers may recognize PCA from their airport experience at both Oakland and SFO as the folks with the “Red Bus” that delivers passengers quickly and conveniently from their cars to the terminal and back.

The huge new PCA-Hegenberger lot, located at the intersection of Pardee Drive and Swan Way, just off Hegenberger Road near the entrance to the airport, will celebrate its grand opening at 8 a.m. Wednesday, May 26 — just in time for Memorial Day travelers to cross one huge worry off their list. Memorial Day weekend is one of the busiest travel times of the year, when all airport parking becomes precious. You don’t always know what you’ll find when you get to the lot of your choice.

PCA is changing all that with the introduction of its free reservation service — all the time — serving both Bay Area airports. Customers can be guaranteed a no-worry parking place today at any of the lots, either by going online at or by calling toll free 1-877-888-PARK (1-877-888-7275). PCA doesn’t charge for reservations. Sometimes they even offer discounts just to encourage travelers to use the convenient service.

PCA Vice President Dave Lawson has been spending recent weeks interviewing and hiring up to 50 new workers for the PCA-Hegenberger operation. Eventually, Lawson estimates, PCA will employ up to 125 people in Oakland.

How can PCA offer totally free parking at the new lot? Alex M. Chaves, chief executive officer of PCA, considers it an investment in Oakland. “It’s well known that OAK is one of the fastest-growing airports in America,” said Chaves. “It’s growing because it’s convenient to the entire Bay Area, has tremendous on-time performance, and features the lowest fares in the Bay Area. That’s a model we want to emulate.”

We’re hoping that the additional savings of $100 or more on a family vacation, or $30-$40 on a short business trip, will entice even more people from around the Bay Area to give Oakland Airport — and PCA-Hegenberger — a try.”

The new PCA-Hegenberger lot is the closest off-site commercial lot to the airport. The shuttle from the lot to the airport or back typically takes five minutes or less. During peak traffic periods, PCA dispatchers are stationed at the airport curb to make sure no traveler waits more than a few minutes for a spacious, comfortable red bus to take them directly to their car.

PCA is dedicated to a high level of customer service, with courteous and helpful shuttle drivers, safe and secure parking and lots of available amenities.

“We believe that offering reserved parking at our Oakland and San Francisco airport parking centers will be a huge hit,” said Rick West, chief operating officer of PCA-Airports. “We now offer free reserved parking at 14 airports nationwide, and everywhere it’s available it is very popular. It lets today’s traveler confidently plan their trip in advance, whether it’s a family headed on a summer vacation or a business traveler trying to get from his or her office to a destination and back as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our customers appreciate that we will save a space just for them.”

Come Sept. 1, when the free-parking deal has ended and PCA starts charging its usual low rates — expected to still be competitively among the lowest available in Oakland — West hopes customers will continue to fill the lot because they appreciate the outstanding convenience, customer service and security they have come to know through the summer.

“We’re excited to offer Bay Area travelers the opportunity to use more than 200,000 days of free parking. It’s equal to a $2 million investment,” said Chaves, “but we are a part of the Oakland community and we are pleased to support the growth of Oakland International Airport.”

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