Number of New Companies Advertising Online Climbs More Than 150 Percent, According to AdRelevance

Number of New Companies Advertising Online Climbs More Than 150 Percent, According to AdRelevance

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Number of new traditional businesses advertising online is growing at

a faster rate than new dot-com advertisers

AdRelevance to offer media buyers and sellers crucial insight on the

100 hottest new online advertisers every week

AdRelevance, a Jupiter Media Metrix company (Nasdaq:JMXI) and innovator in next-generation Internet advertising measurement technology, today announced that the number of new companies advertising online has more than doubled since January — growing by 157 percent over the past ten months.

The latest findings are released in conjunction with the launch of the AdRelevance Hot 100 online advertising measurement tool — a fresh batch of the 100 newest online advertisers every week, complete with the media value of their ad buys.

Top-line findings from the AdRelevance research, which tracked and analyzed traditional and dot-com advertisers coming online for the first time between January 2000 and October 2000, include:

— The number of new companies advertising online is growing at an average rate

of 14 percent per month.

— Twenty-four percent (949 companies) of all advertisers in the month of

January 2000 (3,963 companies) were new to the web. While traditional

advertisers accounted for approximately 41 percent of the top 100 new online

advertisers in January 2000, they make up close to 50 percent in October 2000

— with dot-com companies rounding out the other half.

— More than 1,000 companies a month have advertised online for the first time

since March 2000. Third quarter of this year saw 5,489 new advertisers coming

online — far surpassing first quarter (2,935 new advertisers) and second

quarter (3,879 new advertisers).

— Planet Project was the number one new online advertiser for October 2000,

running a campaign with 110,000,000 impressions. Other top new advertisers for

the month — a mixture of traditional and dot-com businesses — include: Major

League Soccer (30,000,000 impressions), Norelco (16,000,000), Saks Fifth Avenue

(11,000,000), (9,200,000), (6,800,000) and (7,500,000). (See Table B below for complete list)

“The latest AdRelevance data clearly illustrate that new advertisers are coming online on a regular basis. Despite a financially slower third quarter, it’s interesting to note that far more advertisers came online for the first time in August than in any month prior to it this year,” said Charlie Buchwalter, vice president of media research for AdRelevance. “Even more compelling is the fact that new traditional advertisers are growing at a faster rate than new dot-com advertisers. Fifty percent of the AdRelevance Hot 100 advertisers in October were traditional companies — in January they only made up 41 percent.”

Table A: New Online Advertisers by Month

Source: AdRelevance, a Jupiter Media Metrix company

Month (2000) Number of New Advertisers Monthly Percent Change

———— ————————- ———————-

January 949 —

February 948 0%

March 1038 9%

April 1361 31%

May 1105 -19%

June 1413 28%

July 1221 -14%

August 2031 66%

September 2237 10%

October 2443 9%

Table B: Top 20 New Online Advertisers — October 2000

Source: AdRelevance, a Jupiter Media Metrix company

Rank Advertiser Impressions

—— ————- —————-

1 Planet Project 110,000,000

2 Major League Soccer 30,000,000

3 Norelco 16,000,000

4 Teloquent Communications 11,000,000

5 Saks Fifth Avenue 11,000,000

6 Sam’s Club 11,000,000

7 Franco’s Cafe Italiano 10,000,000

8 King Island Casino 9,500,000

9 9,200,000

10 Blackjack Ballroom 7,800,000

11 The New Republic 7,700,000

12 7,500,000

13 Cingular Wireless 7,200,000

14 Official Gundam Wing Page 7,200,000

15 6,800,000

16 iSolve 5,500,000

17 BigFix 5,400,000

18 Inves Trade 5,300,000

19 VERITAS 5,300,000

20 Thane International 5,200,000

Accessible with one click from the AdRelevance web-based interface, the AdRelevance Hot 100 offers buyers and sellers of online media instant access to the 100 advertisers who are either new to the web or who have not had a significant online advertising presence for over six months. The Hot 100 is broken down into media value ranges with each advertiser’s information provided: company name, ad value, industry segment, state, phone number and URL. AdRelevance clients get access to the Hot 100 at no extra cost.

“The AdRelevance Hot 100 is the freshest tool for advertisers yearning to better understand their online competition and for web publishers looking to close deals when it comes to ad space. Whether it’s a new company making its mark or an established one looking to revive its online ad presence, AdRelevance customers will see the hottest new advertisers on the web every week,” said Marty Levin, executive vice president of sales and marketing for AdRelevance. “With such detailed company-specific information, the AdRelevance Hot 100 makes it incredibly easy to reverse-engineer a competitor’s new online ad campaign or to find a sales lead, make a call and sell the space.”

For more information on the AdRelevance Hot 100 and AdRelevance 2.0 — the brand new second-generation online ad measurement service — and a free demo or trial, please visit or call 888/649-6540.


Impressions: The number of times an ad is rendered for viewing. One impression is equivalent to one opportunity to see an ad.

New Advertiser: Companies who are either new to advertising on the web or have not had a significant online advertising presence for over six months.

Dot-Com Advertiser: Any company that originated on the Internet or whose existence is dependent on the existence of the Internet.

Editor’s Note: Unless otherwise noted, please source all data as the following: AdRelevance, a Jupiter Media Metrix company

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