NSC Announces SnippTags

NSC Announces SnippTags – Spoken Words Tagging Service for Video Clips

The New Service, Based on www.snipp.tv Speech Recognition Indexing Platform, Allows for First Time Automated Direct Visibility into Multimedia Content for Text Search Engines

RISHON LEZION, Israel — NSC (Natural Speech Communication Ltd.), specializing in speech recognition technology, released today SnippTags – a new indexing service for video clips and multimedia content, offered to web-based content providers and aggregators as well as data mining companies.

SnippTags is an indexing service that offers content providers with key words that were extracted from their content audio track together with the exact time each word was uttered (“Spoken Tags”). The service is based on advanced audio track analysis, which includes high accuracy recognition of spoken key-words in the audio stream of the multimedia content.

Classical search engines perform indexing and search of textual content in a very efficient way. However multimedia content, which accounts for a substantial portion of content over the Internet, is currently indexed based on manually entered text and metadata. This method often results with inability to identify relevant multimedia content and poor search result.

SnippTags performs the task of analyzing content, previously hidden to traditional search engines, and makes it visible to them. In addition, SnippTags enables content partners to create innovative advertising models by attaching content-based ads to specific points in time in the video clip or the multimedia file being played.

The new offering by NSC is another step in launching Snipp.TV – a multimedia search and indexing platform designed for search within online multimedia files (www.snipp.tv) which its beta version has been recently launched. The new search engine enables users to search for online video and audio content in English, covering a variety of topics including current and recent business, news, entertainment, science and health. Snipp.TV interface is specifically designed for quick and convenient reach to relevant online content via access to the exact location of the keywords detected in the audio soundtrack.

“The new service presents a unique value proposition for content providers that can improve local video search capabilities, increase visibility of their media content and use it as a platform for generating new sources of income,” Says Dr. Ami Moyal, CEO of NSC. “Using SnippTags will enable our customers to optimize their internal video search capabilities by enriching their media content tagging, resulting in more relevant results and higher media consumption. At the same time, the customer media and content visibility to classical text search engines will increase – driving more traffic to its website. In addition, spoken key words tags can serve as a basis for content-based advertisement taking advantage of high accuracy recognition of spoken key-words with their exact location in the file.”

The new service is already commercially available. Additional details can be obtained at: snipp@nscspeech.com

About NSC

NSC (Natural Speech Communication Ltd.) is a leader in the use of speech recognition technologies for audio mining and speech-driven services. The company has successfully deployed its advanced solutions for clients in the telecom, security, call center and enterprise markets around the globe. NSC’s cutting-edge solutions are based on a unique approach which combines a blade platform with advanced speech technology. NSC’s share holders are AudioCodes (NasdaqGS: AUDC), Corex Industries, Koor Industries and Polar Electronic Communications.

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