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NIST Awards $2 Million to 20/20 GeneSystems for Innovative Tumor Profiling Technology

NIST Awards $2 Million to 20/20 GeneSystems for Innovative Tumor Profiling Technology

New Technique to Advance Personalized Medicine, Optimize Cancer Treatment

ROCKVILLE, Md. — 20/20 GeneSystems, Inc. (“20/20”) announced today that the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Advanced Technology Program (ATP) has awarded $1.9 million to 20/20 GeneSystems for the development of a technique known as Layered Expression Scanning-Diagnostic (LES-Dx) for tumor profiling to better predict whether cancer patients will respond to certain “personalized” chemotherapy drugs.

Currently, once cancer is suspected, a clinical specimen or biopsy sample is taken for pathology assessment. With existing tumor analysis unable to simultaneously analyze the visible characteristics of the tumor together with the underlying biomarkers (proteins) or gene expression patterns, 20/20 plans to develop a test approach to address this unmet need. This test will provide additional information to assist oncologists in making specific treatment selections and decisions for their patients. With 20/20’s technology, biomarkers from the biopsy tissue section are accurately ‘mapped’ to a layered array which is then read using sophisticated microscopes and digital imaging techniques. This provides the medical team with critical information needed for optimal treatment selection.

“LES-Dx, when fully developed with the ATP support, is expected to significantly improve the response rates of several FDA approved targeted cancer therapies, saving thousands of lives and hundreds of millions of health care dollars,” said 20/20 CEO Jonathan Cohen. LES-Dx is the subject of three U.S. patents exclusively licensed to 20/20 from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). It is being co-developed by 20/20 with a team from the National Cancer Institute.

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20/20 ( develops and commercializes innovative diagnostic products for early heath, personalized medicine, and biodefense.

About the Advanced Technology Program

The NIST ATP program supports only revolutionary technologies that address top national priorities with large societal benefits. Applications undergo rigorous scientific are business review by diverse panels of reviewers. Information on the 2007 Advanced Technology Program competition is available at and

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