Nextel Announces Winners of Wireless Winners Customer Contest

Nextel Announces Winners of Wireless Winners Customer Contest

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RESTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–April 14, 2004

Nextel Communications Inc. (NASDAQ:NXTL), a leading provider of wireless communications services on the largest all-digital wireless network in the country, today announced the winners of the second annual Nextel Wireless Winners Contest. The contest received thousands of entries from Nextel customers describing how Nextel’s wireless services helped them get things done, whether in their professional or personal lives.

“We understand the priority our customers put on getting things done and are grateful for their submissions on how they use Nextel’s services,” said Tom Kelly, executive vice president and chief operating officer for Nextel. “We didn’t think it was possible to match the quality of last year’s contest submissions, but this year’s entries stood out as examples of how our customers maximize their productivity using Nextel services in their business and personal lives.”

Nextel awarded prizes to first, second and third place winners in the following six categories: Business Wireless Winner, Wireless Data Winner, Personal Wireless Winner, Worldwide Wireless Winner, Good Samaritan Wireless Winner and Public Safety/Emergency Services Wireless Winner. First place winners received a $500 American Express Gift Cheque and a $500 credit on their Nextel bill. Second place winners received a $250 American Express Gift Cheque and a $250 credit on their Nextel bill. Third place winners received a $125 American Express Gift Cheque and a $125 credit on their Nextel bill.

First Places winners in each category are as follows:

— Business Wireless Winner: Doctor Patrick Roney of Denver,

Colo., uses Nextel wireless services to run his

House-calls-only medical practice without an office, which

saves his business money and time. Physicians and nurse

practitioners are outfitted with laptops that are connected by


which enables access to real-time lab results, consultation




— Worldwide Wireless Winner: Coordinating flight schedules,

medical crews and pilots on a different continent would be a

challenge for any organization. Not for Wayne Carr of Punta

Gorda, Fla., and his brother, who used Nextel Worldwide(R)

Service to stay connected and expand their coast-to-coast jet


medical crews and pilots can coordinate directly with

hospitals and airports across Europe.


customer service by enabling our ability to provide seamless


— Wireless Data Wireless Winner: Quick thinking computer

consultant, Jeffrey Eagle of Overland Park, Kan., used his


insurance agency back online after an Internet outage that

occurred would not be resolved for more than eight hours and

would have shut down the business.


just say that the Packetstream service is paid for by new


— Safety Wireless Winner: In rural Talladega, Ala., Patrick

Parton a firefighter/paramedic responded to a serious auto

accident in which an occupant was trapped and suffered

critical injuries. Parton, knowing the best chances for the

victim would be to transport him by helicopter to the nearest

trauma center, an hour drive away, used his GPS capability on

his Nextel i58sr wireless phone to relay his latitude and

longitude coordinates to his dispatcher who passed them onto a

helicopter service. The helicopter pilot was able to find

their location and get the occupant to the hospital.


young man to the trauma center where immediate surgery was



— Personal Wireless Winner: John Goss of Griffin, Ga., and a few

friends were fishing off the coast of Panama City, Fla., when

the weather changed abruptly and the rough surf capsized their

boat. Stranded almost three miles out, Goss was able to

retrieve his Nextel wireless phone, which he placed in a

plastic bag prior to the accident, and call 911. Goss and his

friends were rescued an hour later.




and her family are alive today because of quick thinking and


husband of Kansas City, Kan., were watching the news in their

basement during a severe storm and saw a tornado was headed




basement and that a tornado was bearing down on them.


the warning, but their house and most of their belongings were




Second and third place winners in the six Wireless Winners categories are:

Business Wireless Winners

Second Place: What do you do when you’re floating 3,000 feet over California and your cell phone rings with a potential customer? Egypt McKee, of Aliso Viejo, Calif., answered the call explaining that he just jumped from 13,500 feet and was trying to land his parachute. The customer was so impressed that if McKee could prove he actually jumped, he’d be awarded the contract.

“I received an unexpected phone call from a potential customer on my Nextel while under canopy at 3,000 feet. The customer said if I could prove it, they would award me he contract. So much for stressful negotiations.”

Third Place: Grant Craig of Abingdon, Md., used Nextel’s Direct Connect(R) service to instantly locate six washers and dryers, four 32″ televisions and 10 stainless steel racks at local warehouses while a customer waited, completing a $7,000 deal.

“The customer was so surprised that I was handling his sale right in front of him, he asked me how he could get his company Nextel phones.”

Wireless Data Wireless Winners

Second Place: Moises Pineda of Miami, Fla., uses Nextel Two-Way Messaging to take notes, Java(TM) calculator applications and Direct Connect(R) services on his i95cl wireless phone to save time and be more productive while studying for his finance degree. His use of Nextel’s wireless Internet services also came in handy when he needed to find directions to an internship interview, which he accepted.

“It has made me so happy having Nextel’s services at times I needed them most. It is cost-efficient and lets me have the peace of mind that I can be reached anywhere. My life has been simplified because of my Nextel i95cl.”

Third Place: Rod Jensen of Austin, Texas, wasn’t sure of the value of wireless data until he experienced Nextel’s wireless Internet services. Through, a communication service, Jensen realized how much time Nextel’s wireless Internet saved and how easy it was to access. Today, Jensen relies on Nextel’s Internet access for mobile communications, directions, restaurant guides, weather forecasts, directory assistance, flight information and email access.

“When I started using Nextel Wireless Data services I was unsure if I could justify the cost. Now I cannot do without it. Nextel Wireless is great!”

Worldwide Wireless Winners

Second Place: While serving his country thousands of miles away from home in the National Guard, Tim Eames of Norton, Ohio, routed local calls to his Nextel Worldwide phone to stay in contact with his vendors, employees and customers.

“Unlike other business owners that were with me, my company was the only one with no interruptions of service enabling continued growth. Thanks Nextel, I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Third Place: After her purse was stolen in a rural town in South Africa, Elaine Chien of Dana Point, Calif., relied on her Nextel i2000plus phone to call the United States to cancel her credit cards, freeze her bank account and contact the U.S. embassy for a new passport.

“Nextel’s phone and service really helped me prevent a personal and financial disaster from happening while I was abroad. I was never so thankful to have the ability to get connected back home.”

Safety Wireless Winners

Second Place: While on surveillance of drug suspects, Police Officer Greg Phillips of Hyattsville, Md., determined the suspects were monitoring their radio transmissions with a police scanner. Phillips used Nextel’s Direct Connect(R) instant walkie-talkie service to contact the other officers on surveillance letting them know that the suspects had a scanner and they should trick them into thinking they were leaving the scene. Phillips and the other officers drove off and returned on foot to watch the suspects leave their house, allowing for quick and easy arrests.

“The suspects were found to be in possession of a substantial amount of illegal substances and a handgun. We could not have made this arrest without Nextel Direct Connect(R). We use it everyday; it’s a real advantage for the police.”

Third Place: On his way home from a long day of work, Masoud Hamidi of Hayward, Calif., noticed a woman on the side of the road screaming and grabbing her stomach. Hamidi, an EMT, pulled over and realized the woman was going into premature labor. He used Nextel’s Direct Connect(R) service to alert a friend about the woman’s situation and to send an ambulance. His quick action to get urgent medical care allowed the woman to get to the hospital and safely give birth.

“I am so happy that I have Nextel’s Direct Connect(R) service, it saved her baby’s life.”

Personal Wireless Winners

Second Place: If it wasn’t for Nextel Two-Way Messaging service and coverage, Alfred Robinson and his wife of Jefferson City, Mo., would have never known that their son’s school bus narrowly missed a tornado and was turning around to head home before reaching their high school track meet. Their son, who is deaf, uses Nextel’s Two-Way Message service to stay connected.

“Other students could not get through on their cell phones and borrowed our sons to contact their parents about the situation. We are thankful for Nextel and would not trade it for anything.”

Third Place: Just after 4 p.m. the lights went out and all Zoraida Torres Lebowitz of Bronx, N.Y., could think of was another terrorist attack. The emergency lights and phones in her building did not work as she was desperately trying to reach her son. As she was about to catch a ride home, she received a text message on her Nextel phone that her son was okay and safe at home.

“I was so relieved to know that he was alright.”

Good Samaritan Wireless Winners

Second Place: Margaret Lewis of Melbourne, Fla., used Nextel’s Nationwide Direct Connect(SM) service to communicate with her husband while driving through wild fires in Southern California trying to locate her friend’s son who was on a school field trip. With instant communication from her husband in Florida, Lewis was able to locate and pick up her friend’s son and notify the school that he and fellow classmates were safe.

“I became the communication center for the other boys’ parents, who were desperate to know they were safe. After three hours of tense driving, we made it out of the mountains. Nextel is a lifesaver!”

Third Place: While delivering mail on her postal route, Lisa Webb of Tuttle, Okla., heard an elderly man yell for her attention after she delivered the mail. She looked through the window and noticed he was lying on the floor with blood on his head. She asked him if he needed her to call 911. He said yes. She used her Nextel phone to call for help and stayed on with the operator until paramedics arrived.

“I used my Nextel phone to call 911. The elderly man had to stay in the hospital for four days to recover from his fall.”

About Nextel

Nextel Communications, a FORTUNE 200 company based in Reston, Va., is a leading provider of fully integrated wireless communications services and has built the largest guaranteed all-digital wireless network in the country covering thousands of communities across the United States. Today 95 percent of FORTUNE 500(R) companies are Nextel customers. Nextel and Nextel Partners, Inc. currently serve 294 of the top 300 U.S. markets where approximately 250 million people live or work.

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