New Diskeeper Software Vital for Speeding up Slow Home PCs

New Diskeeper Software Vital for Speeding up Slow Home PCs

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BURBANK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sept. 2, 2003

Executive Software(R) International today announced the release of Diskeeper(R) 8.0 Home Edition, its hugely popular automatic disk defragmentation software for the Windows(R) operating systems, and the PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice for 2003. Diskeeper 8.0 sports an all-new intuitive user interface, simplified “Set It and Forget It(R)” scheduling and fast defragmentation to restore PC performance lost due to disk fragmentation.

“Fragmentation” refers to the process of “breaking up” a file into fragments so it can be stored on a hard drive. The operating system intentionally fragments a file when it cannot find a single space large enough to save the entire file in one chunk. Fragmentation occurs in routine computer usage such as installing software, saving electronic photographs, graphics and documents and virtually any action requiring storing information on a hard disk. A necessary evil, fragmentation cripples a computer’s speed as file retrieval time greatly increases with the degree of fragmentation. “Defragmentation” is the process of consolidating files back into continuous pieces thereby speeding up file access and PC performance. In independent tests, National Software Testing Laboratories found up to 200% increase in performance after defragmenting with Diskeeper.

John Quinn, Diskeeper 8.0 field tester in Florida, states, “I am a fanatic about the performance of my machines and rely on Diskeeper to reach my goal. The new version 8.0 has a remarkably easy interface that is not only intuitive but provides the details of each drive that allows me to monitor the system incredibly easily. My hat is off to the team of engineers that developed an outstanding tool out of an already great utility. I have considered Executive Software’s Diskeeper the very best utility for nearly 6 years running and the new version has actually gotten me excited all over again!”

Diskeeper 8.0 Home Edition also monitors a hard disk for reliability issues related to fragmentation and low free space. The software’s Smart Scheduling(TM) option automatically monitors fragmentation levels and schedules defragmentation runs based on the condition of the disk using minimal system resources. Simple two-click scheduling adds to the product’s much-loved “Set It and Forget It” functionality.

For PCs running WindowsXP Home Edition or earlier versions of the Windows desktop operating systems, Diskeeper 8.0 Home Edition is available for immediate purchase and electronic delivery for $29.95 at:

About Executive Software

Founded in 1981, Executive Software(R) specializes in focused development of system management tools for corporations globally. The company is the world leader in system performance/defragmentation software for Windows(R) NT, 2000, 2003, XP and OpenVMS(R) operating systems, producing more than 98 percent of the network defragmenters used in the corporate market. Executive Software is located at 7590 North Glenoaks Blvd., Burbank, CA 91504. Phone numbers are (800) 829-6468 and (818) 771-1600. A variety of system management tools, trialware and free utilities are available at Executive Software’s European headquarters can be reached at or by calling +44 (0) 1342-327477.

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