NeuroVision to Present at Medtech Insight’s ”Investment In Innovation” Conference

NeuroVision to Present at Medtech Insight’s ”Investment In Innovation” Conference

SAN FRANCISCO — NeuroVision has announced that it will be presenting at 2:35pm at Medtech Insight’s Prestigious “Investment In Innovation (In3): A Preview of Early-Stage Medical Technology Companies” Conference, taking place June 14-15, 2005 at The Palace Hotel in San Francisco, CA.

NeuroVision is the world’s only provider of an innovative, non-surgical treatment for low-grade (less than 150 degrees) myopia and amblyopia (lazy eye).

Said NeuroVision CEO, Mr. Alain Leneveu, “We feel that this conference is ideal for small companies like NeuroVision because it places us at the hub of exciting new breakthroughs in the biotech industry. It’s also an excellent sphere for us to meet executives from the investment community and other major companies in the biopharmaceutical and biotech industry, allowing for discussion of ideas and potential partnerships.”

Mr. Leneveu will be delivering his presentation on “NeuroVision – The World’s First Non-Invasive Vision Treatment”. Here, he will highlight the tremendous success of NeuroVision’s commercial results, which show an average improvement of 2.8 lines, as well as, NeuroVision’s US$120 billion market potential, comprising of 400 billion people in the world with myopia, presbyopia, amblyopia or pediatric myopia.

NeuroVision is internationally IP protected, with registered and filed patents, registered and filed trade marks, sophisticated system architecture and encoded data transactions.

Since NeuroVision received FDA approval for amblyopia treatment in 2001 and the European CE Mark for low myopia and amblyopia treatment in 2002, the company has garnered several significant milestones. In 2003, NeuroVision successfully completed a Myopia Study with the Singapore Eye Research Institute and in 2004, began commercial operations in Singapore, opening three NeuroVision centres within six months. This year NeuroVision began regional expansion in the Asia-Pacific and will begin expansion into Europe and the United States in 2006.

About NeuroVision

NeuroVision is a non-invasive treatment based on 20 years of medical research. The clinically proven technology displays various images on a computer screen, and through a series of interactive exercises in front of the workstation vision is enhanced and dependence on glasses or contact lenses can be reduced. Treatments last 20 to 30 minutes every other day, for approximately 30 sessions, although the duration of treatment varies from patient to patient. Most patients see improvement in their vision after as few as 10 sessions.

NeuroVision Inc is a U.S. based company founded in 1999 and registered in the state of Delaware. Its headquarters are located in Singapore under NeuroVision Pte Ltd. The company’s major investors include Bio*One Capital, a subsidiary of Singapore EDB Investments Pte Ltd, Temasek Holdings and Concord Ventures. Visit the NeuroVision website at

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