Nationwide Building Society Rolls Out NCR’s Intelligent Deposit Solution; Consumer Trials Show Intelligent Deposit Could be the Biggest Thing Since Cash Withdrawals

Nationwide Building Society Rolls Out NCR’s Intelligent Deposit Solution; Consumer Trials Show Intelligent Deposit Could be the Biggest Thing Since Cash Withdrawals

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NCR Corporation (NYSE:NCR) today announced Nationwide Building Society will roll out 141 intelligent deposit automated teller machines (ATMs) in 81 branches by the end of 2002.

The solution, jointly developed by NCR and Nationwide and branded “Fast Cash and Cheque,” was piloted in 15 branches. Members have been using the pilot ATMs to make cash and check deposits with instant proof of deposit, updated passbooks and printed building society checks using the units.

With the national roll out, consumers will benefit from more choice and control over how they bank and from a significant reduction in lines. The units will allow Nationwide to reduce the costs of teller transactions, free staff to offer more services and develop a more radical approach to branch design.

During the pilot, the intelligent deposit function proved an instant success compared with traditional deposit using envelopes and bags. “We underestimated the popularity of the units,” said Chris Shott, Nationwide’s business development manager. “In just six months 30 percent of our members have moved from using a teller to depositing cash and checks at the ATM. Our members are delighted with the reduction in lines, the ease-of-use of the ATM and the control of depositing their checks and money themselves.”

As units roll out, NCR’s intelligent deposit solution will play a part in Nationwide’s plans for branch design. “Fast Cash and Cheque helps us free up branch employees’ time and enables them to spend more time understanding our members’ needs,” said Shott.

According to Roger Bracken, NCR’s vice president of self-service solutions for the U.K. and Ireland, consumers like intelligent deposit because it is intuitive to use and provides proof of their transaction. “Intelligent deposit gives consumers the choice of how and when to carry out teller transactions with the immediate reassurances that their deposit has been accepted,” said Bracken.

“This overcomes one of the major barriers to acceptance of traditional deposit technology. The potential for the U.K. banking industry is enormous,” said Bracken. “In addition to the improved customer service, financial institutions could see as much as a 40 percent reduction in transaction costs.”

About Nationwide Building Society

Nationwide is one of the U.K.’s leading financial services providers. It has 10 million customers and over 75 billion Pounds Sterling in assets. Nationwide offers a range of products and services designed to meet members’ financial needs and maintains an extensive branch network. This is complemented by services available by phone, post, Internet using a PC or MAC, WAP phones, PocketPC PDAs and TV Internet banking. Nationwide was the first to launch an Internet banking service in the U.K., first to have an Internet banking service available through a TV and offered Europe’s first PocketPC PDA mobile banking service.

Nationwide is a mutually owned organization. This means it belongs to its members and is run for their benefit. It’s this mutual status that makes Nationwide different to the banks. Nationwide offers genuine long-term good value, and gives members easy access to a wide range of products and services. For more details, visit the Web site at:

About NCR Corporation

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