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National Bank Correspondent Broker Network Firms Go Online With Web-Based Version of Spectra Portfolio

National Bank Correspondent Broker Network Firms Go Online With Web-Based Version of Spectra Portfolio

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Spectra Securities Software Inc., a leading provider of wealth management software solutions, today announced that the National Bank Correspondent Network has rolled out the web-based version of Spectra Portfolio to their host of client firms in Canada.

The Correspondent Network of National Bank and another major financial institution upgraded from the Windows-based version of Spectra Portfolio to web-based. The web-based version of Spectra Portfolio provides the same full-featured contact and portfolio management offered by the Windows-based version but is offered to correspondent broker network firms via a secure Internet link.

Web-based Spectra Portfolio gives brokers instant access to critical information such as contact information, transactional history, performance, and portfolio positions wherever and whenever they need it. Brokers simply logon to the Internet and review portfolios, print reports and most importantly, make decisions – anywhere – anytime with the click of a mouse.

Web access to Spectra Portfolio makes it easier for firms to deploy the application to new users as well as rollout upgrades, since this is done entirely online and does not require any changes to the user’s desktops. This combined with Spectra’s experience of more than 10 years of successfully loading data from ISM Canada’s back office makes Spectra Portfolio an attractive turnkey solution.

A sophisticated process using production-proven back office loaders loads multiple, complex back office files quickly and accurately to deliver mission-critical portfolio information including accurate AIMR performance calculations. Spectra’s ability to get new correspondent clients up and running in less than one week minimizes a financial institution’s risk and time to market.

“Spectra Portfolio is an easy, cost-effective way to provide value-added service to our existing client base and a strategic part of our offering to attract new correspondents,” states Don Allan, Project Coordinator of National Bank’s Correspondent Network. “Features like AIMR performance reporting, ‘What-if’ analysis, modeling functionality and a delivery time of seven days or less to get new correspondents up and running make Spectra Portfolio an ideal solution for the correspondent network.”

“Providing web access to Spectra Portfolio takes us one step closer to making our entire wealth management solution suite web-based,” says John McLeod, President and CEO for Spectra Securities Software. “We will continue to keep pace with technological change and growing demand to allow our clients to focus on their core competency – providing value-added services to their customers.”

About Spectra Securities Software

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About National Bank Correspondent Network

National Bank Correspondent Network is a subsidiary of National Bank Financial, created by the September 8, 1999 merger of Levesque Beaubien Geoffrion (and its subsidiary Levesque Securities) and First Marathon Inc. With about 750 employees, National Bank Correspondent Network is the largest provider of custody, clearing and administrative services in Canada. Client assets of approximately $90 billion held for nearly 1,000,000 individual clients indicate the extensive reach of its operations.

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