MIX Launches Private Label Online PC Backup Solution For ISP and Financial Institutions

MIX Launches Private Label Online PC Backup Solution For ISP and Financial Institutions

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Mutual Information Exchange (MIX Inc.), a developer of specialized Web-based business applications, today announced the release of MIXvault (www.mixvault.com), a Web-based PC backup solution specifically designed for ISPs and other companies serving customers via the Web.

MIXvault allows resellers to privately brand both their version of the website and the client experience. The technology allows any PC user to securely back up their personal or business data over the Web and automatically restore it in the event of a disaster.

MIXvault is designed to offer PC users a practical and effective way for addressing the escalating risk of data loss emerging with the proliferation of individual, home office and small office PC use. The insurance industry reports the incidence of computer theft is now in the millions every year and over $2 billion in computer equipment is lost, stolen, damaged by accidents, power surges, natural disasters and other mishaps. In a report published by the American Society for Industrial Security, data theft grew to over $45 billion in 1999 for the Fortune 1000 companies. The report also stated the majority of PC computer users never back up their data whether they are part of a Global 2000 company, working in a small business or working out of their home.

MIXvault targets the Small to Medium Enterprise (SME), Small Office Home Office (SOHO) community and distributed workforces. ISP, ASP, financial and insurance industry resellers will deliver MIXvault as a privately branded service thereby leveraging the brand trust already established with customers. According to MIX Executive Vice President of Business Development Chuck Origer, MIXvault can provide resellers with a recurring revenue stream, increases individual subscriber value and improves reseller margins while maximizing their existing infrastructure and architecture.

About Mutual Information Exchange, Inc.

Mutual Information Exchange, a specialist in developing and deploying unique business applications, leverages the power of the Internet to help companies reduce their total cost of ownership or drive revenue with value-added Web-based applications and services. The company’s product line focuses on online training and education solutions, online PC back up and data storage and e-publishing portals. MIX Inc. is headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI with satellite offices in Detroit and Chicago. More information about MIX and its products can be found at www.mixinc.com.

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