Mirantis Appoints Gary Fowler as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development

Mirantis Appoints Gary Fowler as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development

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FOSTER CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oct. 2, 2001

Russian Success with PhD Programmers Provides R&D Centers and

Engineering and Optimization Talent For Global Firms

Mirantis, Inc., a leading provider of Technical Development Centers for scientists and engineers for major software, hardware and technology firms, announced the appointment of Gary A. Fowler as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development.

“There is a hunger among U.S. and European firms for high level engineering and programming talent. Mirantis specializes in providing these nearshore engineering teams in Russia for Global firms wanting to maintain a competitive edge. We help their ideas become reality through our world class technology development centers.” Mr. Fowler stated.

Mirantis has its first development centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg. “Russia is world renowned as one of the major scientific centers outside of the U.S. Its educational system produces tens of thousands of technology professionals every year. Mirantis has tapped into the pool of these highly trained engineers,” said Fowler.

“Mirantis hires highly skilled scientists and engineers uniquely for each client, in an in-country Technology Development Center the client can call their own. Mirantis has the cross-cultural knowledge and in-country connections to insure the successful implementations of these centers for our clients,” Mr. Fowler went on to explain.

“In addition to offering our clients some of the best technical expertise available anywhere, Mirantis handles all of the details, from recruiting and hiring to payroll and benefits to office space and supplies,” Fowler concluded. “We do all the work to set up and manage a company’s development center, which allows our clients to stay focused on their core business. And we do it in much less time and for considerably less cost. A shorter time to market, the ability to attract world-class talent and lower overhead is the key to success in this dynamically changing market.”

Mr. Fowler has over 18 years of international experience in sales and marketing management. He has an extensive background in the e-business and consulting field, having co-founded Broadiant Corporation, an e-business consultancy. In addition, Mr. Fowler has been an executive at MODCOMP, Siemens, and ClickSoftware Technologies, Inc. Most recently, he was Senior Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at ClickSoftware Technologies, Inc. where he established many international channel agreements.

“Mr. Fowler’s nearly two decades of international experience played a key role in his selection to help drive our offshore outsourcing business,” Mirantis President Frank Patchel said. And, Mirantis CEO Alex Freedland added, “We are pleased to have someone with Mr. Fowler’s global experience and talent join our company.”

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