Mirage Digital Acquires RT-SET Virtual Studio System for Mobile Studio Use; Pioneering “Fly Pack”-Based Production Services Company To Use Larus System for Broadcast And Corporate Work

Mirage Digital Acquires RT-SET Virtual Studio System for Mobile Studio Use; Pioneering “Fly Pack”-Based Production Services Company To Use Larus System for Broadcast And Corporate Work

PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oct. 19, 1998–RT-SET, the world leader in virtual studios, announced today that Mirage Digital, a Phoenix-based technical design and implementation service company, has purchased a three-camera Larus(tm) system to be used as a remote production package in television programming and corporate shows nationally and internationally.

According to John Fassett, Mirage Digital founder and marketing director, the company specializes in supporting live shows requiring complete support for 3-D imagery and Surround Sound services. The company is renowned for development of shippable turnkey production packages in a box, also called fly packs, that can be shipped anywhere at a moment’s notice and set up in any broadcast or meeting hall venue by Mirage Digital staff people in approximately four hours.

The Larus system will be similarly packaged for quick airborne transport to various locations, Fassett noted. The company also has other studio equipment packages, including cameras and custom racks, which are ready for airborne shipment and quick deployment.

“We started Mirage to do extremely unique live broadcast, and corporate/industrial shows,” said Fassett. “Portability is one of the unique features of systems built for us and by us. Our virtual studios are complete digital fly packs, the only ones in the world that are ready to move swiftly into any environment from a high-end broadcast studio or meeting hall to a remote site.

“We saw the RT-SET system at work and were extremely impressed by its artistic and technological capabilities. The Larus system will provide us with a significant new system enabling us to serve our unique market even better.”

Noted Alon Carmeli, RT-SET Vice President of Sales and Marketing, “This unique use of an RT-SET system is more evidence of its flexibility as a production system. We are pleased that Mirage Digital has acquired the system, and look forward to working with them as they embark on additional projects.”

About Mirage Digital

Mirage Digital, is a creative/technical design and implementation service company for broadcast, entertainment, corporate and live shows based in Phoenix, AZ. Its focus is to provide the video and show market with virtual set, 3D high res video and surround sound technology. The company is located at 834 N. 7th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85007. Phone: 602/254-1600, Ext. 228, FAX: 602/495-9949. E-mail: jfassett@miragedigital.com.

About RT-SET

RT-SET systems are the most widely installed virtual studio systems in the world. In 1998 alone, broadcasters in the United States, China, UK, Mexico, France, Chile, India, Italy, Brazil and Israel, as well as the European Parliament, have acquired RT-SET systems for daily production including news, weather, sports, children’s programming and special events.

RT-SET, a subsidiary of BVR Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq:BVRTF), is the creator and developer of the Larus(tm) and Ibis(tm) Virtual Studio Systems. Virtual Studio Systems (VSS) enable real-time computer-generated virtual sets and environments to be used in live and taped broadcast and cable television, post-production, interactive programming and other content-intensive video production.

International headquarters are located in Shefayim, Israel. Phone: +972-9-9552236; FAX: +972-9-9552239. Website: www.rtset.com. Sales offices for RT-SET America are located at 22 W. 21st Street, New York, NY 10010. Phone: 877/955-2230 (toll free). FAX: 212/463-9931. E-mail: alon@rtset.com.

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