MILAN INTRODUCES NEW MICRO FASTPORT PRINT SERVER; Delivers Additional Protocol and Management Support for Entire Multiprotocol Print Server Series

MILAN INTRODUCES NEW MICRO FASTPORT PRINT SERVER; Delivers Additional Protocol and Management Support for Entire Multiprotocol Print Server Series

SUNNYVALE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–July 5, 1995–MiLAN Technology, a division of Digi International Inc. (Nasdaq National Market: DGII) today announced two new products that maximize network printing performance and provide users with greater control over their printing environment. The new FastPort 3400X Micro Print Server, delivers the full-range of MiLAN’s multiprotocol support and extensive management functions in a miniature, hand-held device. Also announced today, MiLAN’s FastPort Firmware Version 5.0 which delivers extensive management capabilities and support for NetBIOS to its entire multiprotocol print server series.

The FastPort Micro Print Server

The small size of the new FastPort Micro Print Server enables users to conserve space and reduce costs while receiving all of the functionality of a larger print server at a smaller size and price. The FastPort Micro Print Server features the industry’s first LEDs located on the front edge of the unit for easier network diagnosis, making MiLAN the only manufacturer to feature front-edge LEDs. The FastPort’s front panel LED displays on the print server allow network administrators to determine print server status in an instant. Workflow disruptions are minimized and network administrators spend less time trouble shooting printer errors.

The FastPort Micro Print Server provides one direct connect parallel port that allows throughput of up to 140K bytes per second. The FastPort 3400X delivers all of the multiprotocol support and configuration utilities, including Firmware V. 5.0, of the standalone FastPort units. The FastPort Micro Print Server fits easily behind printers and plotters. The dimensions of the FastPort Micro Print Server are 3.4″ L x 2.4″ W x 1.1″ H.

FastPort Firmware V. 5.0

New FastPort Firmware V. 5.0 adds NetBIOS support to MiLAN’s extensive multiprocotcol support for the FastPort series of print servers. FastPort Firmware V. 5.0 provides direct support and allows users from OS/2, LAN Manager, and Microsoft Windows for Workgroups and NT environments to print simultaneously to any FastPort-attached printer. Also included is MiLAN’s DOS and OS/2 configuration tool, which configures NetBIOS printing including parallel and serial parameters and enabling/ disabling other protocols.

FastPort Firmware V. 5.0 also provides Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) support for TCP/IP hosts, an important feature for large installations where multiple FastPort Print Servers require upgrades. Network managers save time using TFTP to deliver FastPort Firmware upgrades via the network. With TFTP, network administrators load a single file onto their BOOTP server and each FastPort Print Server will automatically flash upload the new Firmware.

The new FastPort Firmware V. 5.0 adds support for Single Network Management Protocol (SNMP) over NetWare and EtherTalk, in addition to the previously supported TCP/IP protocol. SNMP support provides users with a window to FastPort activity and delivers vital statistics on its performance. MiLAN provides SNMP support for both MIB-II and serial and parallel MIBs.

Pricing and Availability

The Micro Print Server and FastPort Firmware V. 5.0 are both available from MiLAN’s world-wide network of distributors and resellers as of mid July.

Pricing is as follows:

MIL 3410X (with UTP network uplink) $ 395.00 list

MIL 3420X (with thin coax network uplink) $ 395.00 list

About MiLAN Technology

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, MiLAN offers a full line of Ethernet and Token Ring networking products including transceivers, converters, duplexers, repeaters, hubs and multiprotocol network print servers. MiLAN quickly grew from its founding in 1991 to become a major provider of compact, power-efficient, affordable network connectivity products. In November of 1993, MiLAN merged with Digi International Inc., a leading provider of networking products. Digi International sells its products under the trade names of DigiBoard, MiLAN, Arnet, and Star Gate. MiLAN’s products are sold under the terms of OEM agreements and by distributors and VARs worldwide.

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