Marketing Systems USA, Inc. to Begin a Strategic Financial Marketing Campaign With its Investor Relations Firm, The Marana Group, Inc. Today

Marketing Systems USA, Inc. to Begin a Strategic Financial Marketing Campaign With its Investor Relations Firm, The Marana Group, Inc. Today

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Marketing Systems USA, Inc., (OTCBB:MSYS) today announced The Marana Group, Inc. will begin a nationwide Investor Relations campaign on behalf of the company.

The Marana Group, Inc. (TMG), with 14 years of financial and marketing experience, provides a continuous flow of information about its clients to the investment community. TMG examines clients’ competitive challenges, strengths and weaknesses in order to better inform the financial markets.

Harry Timmons, President of TMG stated, “Marketing Systems USA, Inc. is an exciting company that truly warrants recognition from the financial community.”

Mark Seyforth President of Marketing Systems USA, Inc. stated, “The Marana Group is a value added resource that truly compliments our other working alliances.”

TMG will be providing integrated solutions for Marketing Systems USA in the area of web-solutions, web-hosting, project web management as well as video production, print media marketing with the emphasis on creating market awareness in the public sector.

About Marketing Systems USA, Inc.

Marketing Systems USA, Inc. is publicly traded on the Nasdaq OTC: BB exchange under the symbol (MSYS). (MSYS) is a product/service driven marketing company that targets the disposable income of college students using new and existing “hi-tech” marketing methods coupled with a strong on-campus presence to expand and insure its loyal consumer membership base. (MSYS) is redefining and setting new parameters for the use of the internet and “smart card” technology within a 17 to 24 year old demographic that lives and thrives on “hi-tech” methods for communication and consumerism.

Marketing Systems USA, Inc. through their wholly owned subsidiaries, Student, Member’s Choice, and Member’s Travel is the first US company to use the smart card in an open environment that will allow its membership to use the card anywhere in the U.S. In conjunction with the giveaway of 600,000 Student Member “smart cards,” merchants are being established that generate revenue for the company while simultaneously offering a discount loyalty program to the holders of the cards. (MSYS) has an existing sales force of (20) regional managers and 2,000 campus representatives marketing to over 200 universities in the USA. The web-sites of Student Member and Member’s Choice offer students an interactive place to play games, compete in contests, win free trips, view photo galleries, find a date, and make their purchases for goods and services. The Member’s Choice.Net site offers the membership the ease of purchasing on a national basis from more than 200 manufactures representing more than a 100,000 products. The Student site offers the membership the ease of purchasing on a local basis from a web portal design that personalizes their university and the participating merchants involved in the loyalty “smart card” program.

(MSYS) through Member’s Travel will continue to lead the student travel market from 6,600 student travelers in 2001 to 20,000 students in 2002.

For additional information, including a copy of the updated financials or Due Diligence information for Marketing Systems USA, Inc., please contact Jack Baker @ 866/483-4146 or visit our web-site

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