Magi Enterprise Peer-to-Peer Software Transforms Collaboration Within And Beyond The Enterprise

Magi Enterprise Peer-to-Peer Software Transforms Collaboration Within And Beyond The Enterprise

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IRVINE, Calif. & CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov.

5, 2001

GA of v2.0 Brings Opportunity for Unprecedented Secure and Direct

Document Exchange Between Collaboration Communities Using Their

PCs, Laptops and WinCE Handhelds as United Peers

Twenty years ago, PCs began to transform the way people manage and process information. Today, Magi Enterprise v.2.0 software, a new, security-rich peer-to-peer product, takes collaboration within and beyond the enterprise to its next level by transforming the triad of PCs, laptops and handhelds into equal-peer information systems.

Magi Enterprise has been developed by California-based peer-to-peer software innovator and guardian Endeavors Technology, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of listed company Tadpole (LSE-TAD). It is designed as a collaboration platform to build and maintain secure communities of collaborators for the sharing and exchange of information using Web-enabled devices.

Magi Enterprise is rich in features for community building, communication and administration, including file sharing, community search, cache indexing, chat and instant messaging. It has financial-grade security tools, using X.509 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) over a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) network backbone. Use of X.509 PKI authentication allows security certificates from Endeavors, or from any other recognized X.509 certificate authority, to be used to establish the true identity of any Magi-enabled peer device when it comes on-line. Use of SSL point-to-point security encryption enables each pair of peers that communicate with each other to have a unique key for that pairing. Magi Enterprise is also HIPPA-compliant for healthcare solutions and the protection of patient data.

Magi Enterprise meets the challenge of managing relationships and data in a P2P environment. It extends networks, but does so securely. It establishes communities, but only of people known and trusted. It interoperates with other applications and platforms, but does so using open source protocols.

Brian Morrow, president and chief operating officer at Endeavors Technology, comments: “Magi Enterprise sets aside fears about P2P being an open playing field. Magi collaborative communities will be like a fortress — no one gets in unless they belong, and no one gets access to more than what they need to do their job.”

Greg Bolcer, chief technology officer of Endeavors and architect of Magi Enterprise, adds: “Magi allows data to exist where it lives, breathes, and changes and allows writable, authenticated access to this data where it’s really being used. This is how we are transforming collaboration.”

A demo of Magi Enterprise’s capabilities can be viewed at

Analysts Comments

In August 2001, the Gartner Group identified Endeavors as one of the leading P2P technology providers. Following today’s release of Magi Enterprise v.2.0, other prominent analysts joined to acknowledge Endeavors’ expertise and technology.

Mark Blowers, research analyst of the Butler Group: “The major fear for network administrators is that a P2P network would prove highly vulnerable to unauthorized access and subsequent misuse, as was recently the case with the SETI@Home project. Embedding high levels of security, such as authentication processes and potent encryption, throughout any P2P network is obviously a necessity in order to create corporate level confidence that business-critical data will be safe in transit. Technology offerings which take steps to provide robust solutions to the perceived problems of P2P networking, such as Magi Enterprise, are likely to play a pivotal role in any widespread adoption of the model as a whole.”

Walid Mougayar, P2P analyst and founder of “Companies will require increasing levels of seamless horizontal business interactions across the walls of the enterprise. A comprehensive and secure peer-to-peer platform such as Magi’s empowers corporate users to exploit these emerging capabilities.”

More On Magi

Endeavors Technology is transforming collaboration within and beyond the enterprise through its open-standards Magi P2P program. The program gives peer status to all types of Web-enabled devices allowing all to securely communicate and interact, irrespective of their individual computing capability. More information, including a P2P security whitepaper, can be accessed at

About Endeavors Technology

Endeavors Technology is a wholly-owned subsidiary of mobile computing and network infrastructure vendor Tadpole Technology plc (, which has plants and offices in Irvine and Carlsbad (California), and Cambridge, Edinburgh, and Bristol (UK). For further information on Endeavors’ P2P solutions, call 949/833-2800, email to, or visit the company’s website.

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Endeavors is a Platinum sponsor at the O’Reilly P2P Conference in Washington, D.C. — November 5-8, 2001. Editors at the event can visit Endeavors’ booth for a review copy of Magi Enterprise, or contact Patcom and it will be forwarded to them.

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