MacMedic Utilities Ready for Panasonic DVD-RAM Backup/Recovery

MacMedic Utilities Ready for Panasonic DVD-RAM Backup/Recovery

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MILPITAS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–March 28, 2000

Panasonic(R) and the Total Recall Software Division of Total Recall Data Recovery, Inc., jointly announced today that MacMedic, a comprehensive drive utility, supports backup to and data recovery from the Panasonic 5.2GB DVD-RAM drive.

MacMedic and the professional version, MacMedic Pro, can be used with Apple(R)’s complete line of computer systems, including Macintosh(R) G4 workstations, which incorporate the industry-standard DVD-RAM drive.

With MacMedic and a Panasonic DVD-RAM drive, Macintosh users have everything they need for reliable, unattended backup and simplified restoration. They can schedule regular, complete backups or incremental backups that are limited to new or changed files. MacMedic also provides powerful tools for the recovery of directories as well as individual files that have been deleted or lost.

Many of the same features that make the Panasonic DVD-RAM drive so ideal for storing videos and Web content also make it an excellent solution for backup and recovery. A 2.6GB single-sided DVD-RAM disc stores up to one hour of digital video, five hours of digital audio, 68 hi-res color photos, 800 256-color VGA screen captures or up to 1.3 million pages of text for about .009 cents/MB.

Inherently rugged and reliable, the removable discs have an address error rate of less than 10 to the -23rd power and provide more than 100,000 write/rewrite cycles. Other features, such as random access, enhance MediaMedic’s data recovery capabilities. Users can quickly move to specific segments of the disc to restore data; there’s no waiting while a tape winds in one direction and then the other to locate and restore a file.

“Mac users are accustomed to exceptionally high performance,” said Kelly Leopard, president of Total Recall, Inc. “They count on MacMedic to help them achieve peak performance so support for DVD-RAM and the fast, random access it provides is important to them. They can restore data in a fraction of the time it would take with tape,” he noted, “and they can do it with the same drive that they use for storing large files, for reading CDs and for playback of DVD video, DVD-ROM and DVD-R discs.

“Anyone who has ever lost a file or had a hard drive crash knows how important it is to have the robust backup and recovery capabilities that MacMedic provides,” said Jeff Saake, group general manager, Panasonic Industrial Co., Computer Technologies Group. “When combined with our DVD-RAM drive and media, Mac users can be confident that they have a complete backup and recovery solution that’s reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-use.”

In addition to providing Macintosh users with DVD-RAM drive support for backup/recovery, the highly rated MacMedic software package includes easy-to-use utilities for Macintosh system configuration management and disk diagnostics for repair, optimization/defragmentation, and HFS to HFS+ conversion. Unique to MacMedic is a feature that allows repairs to be undone.

Pricing, Availability

MacMedic, which is licensed for personal use, and the professional version, MacMedic PRO, are priced at $69.95 and $149.95 respectively. The backup and recovery software can be reviewed and downloaded from Total Recall Software’s website,

Panasonic Industrial Co.’s LF-D101 OEM DVD-RAM drive is an internal drive with a SCSI-2 interface. Panasonic double-sided 5.2GB DVD-RAM media has an MSRP of $39.95. The 2.6GB single-sided media has an MSRP of $24.95 and is sold with a removable cartridge for playback on the latest Panasonic 5X, 6X and 8X DVD-ROM drives.

Corporate Profiles

Founded in 1989, Total Recall Software is a division of Total Recall, Inc., a worldwide leader in the data recovery industry that services a broad customer base ranging from home computer users to federal government agencies. For more information on MacMedic, contact Total Recall Software at 2462 Waynoka Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80915; 719/380-1616 or visit

Panasonic’s OEM DVD-RAM drive is manufactured by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (MEI) (NYSE:MC)(PCX:MC), one of the world’s leading producers of CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives and other DVD technology-based products.

For more information on the Panasonic DVD-RAM OEM drive and media, contact Panasonic Industrial Co., 1600 McCandless Drive, Milpitas, CA 95035; 408/945-5600, Fax 408/262-4214, E-mail Or, visit the company’s Web site at In Canada, contact Panasonic Canada, Ambler Drive, Mississauga, Ontario L4W 2T3, Canada; 905/238-2254, Fax 905/238-2414, E-mail

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