Lycos Music Launches as the Ultimate Online Music Destination for Both Listeners and Artists; Alliances With Rolling Stone, Billboard, Fast Search & Transfer, and

Lycos Music Launches as the Ultimate Online Music Destination for Both Listeners and Artists; Alliances With Rolling Stone, Billboard, Fast Search & Transfer, and

WALTHAM, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov. 15, 1999–

Equips Music Fans With Unrivaled Set of MP3 Services,

Innovative Audio Technology, Fan Page Building Tools

and Complete Digital Music Offering; Provides Musicians

With Free Services to Get Their Music Online, Build a

Homepage and Share Information On the Hottest Topics

in the Music Industry

Lycos, Inc. (Nasdaq:LCOS), the fastest growing Internet portal and the world’s largest online community, today unveiled a powerful, new online music destination, the Web’s most comprehensive, full-service online music source. Dubbed Lycos Music, the dynamic new offering combines Lycos’ broad music-rich content, community, navigation and commerce offerings with the most innovative audio technologies, providing consumers with the ultimate online music experience.

“This is the most comprehensive music site that I’ve seen,” said Malcolm MacLachlan, a media e-commerce analyst with International Data Corp. “Lycos really has a lead over the other portals’ music offerings right now.”

Lycos Music offers the Web’s fast-growing population of 24 million music enthusiasts with a full range of features and capabilities including: one of the Web’s largest searchable MP3 databases; extensive music hosting and downloading services; best-of-breed audio player and features; online music communities and chat rooms; music purchasing capabilities; online radio; music news, artists reviews and more.

Lycos Music will be integrated into the user experiences of the nearly 30 million visitors who come to the Lycos Network each month. There are already more than 28 million music-related searches conducted across the Network monthly. Lycos has been laying the groundwork for the new music offering the past year with the roll-out of several innovative, top-quality music services. Lycos introduced Lycos MP3 Search; became the first portal to launch an online radio network; and acquired one of the Web’s most popular desktop audio players, Sonique.

“Lycos Music gives the Web’s 24 million music fans everything they want in one easy-to-use and powerful site. Fans can now not only find music but also play it, talk about it, and buy it all in one place,” said Ron Sege, executive vice president of Lycos. “Lycos Music, is the latest addition to the Lycos Network and an extension of our multibrand strategy. By building and assembling a variety of unique products, we are able to meet the diverse needs of the eclectic Internet audience.”

Lycos Music Helps Fans FIND Audio Files

Lycos Music offers users a powerful combination of MP3 search services to meet the needs of even the most discriminating music fan. With an extensive searchable database of downloadable files coupled with an easy-to-use directory-style search service, users can search, locate and download audio files on the Web quickly and easily.

Lycos’ MP3 Search database is one of the largest MP3 search databases on the Web. Users can search the Web using specific search tools to help them find what they’re looking for including: search by genre, artist, album title, and even “sounds like.” Music fans can also search for audio files via a co-branded version of’s comprehensive directory of additional downloadable music, and can conveniently browse the directory’s nearly 600 music genre categories from the Lycos Music site. Lycos has worked closely with the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) to ensure the security of the intellectual property of artists, and will continue to do so.

Lycos has also formed alliances with top-tier companies to provide consumers with the very best in online music resources and information from, Reuters, Billboard Charts, Westwind Media, FAST Search and Transfer and DMX. The site also incorporates special MP3 reports and tutorials from Wired News and Webmonkey, both Lycos-owned sites.

Lycos Music Users Download and PLAY Their Favorite Songs

Visitors to Lycos Music have simple access to the very best in playback technology — with Lycos’ Sonique, one of the world’s most popular desktop audio players. Sonique supports most audio formats including MP3, and decodes music files and formats to be played from the user’s desktop. Sonique adheres to digital rights management standards and SDMI standards with its format-agnostic technology and support for secure music playback via its proprietary technology.

Lycos also offers the Web’s first portal radio network with 35 channels of diverse music programming. The Lycos Music Radio Network offers high-quality sound technology, resulting in an exceptional listening experience for any bandwidth. The Network also offers live programming, a variety of music genres and customization options for different tastes.

Music Fans and Artists BUILD Home Pages, HOST Independent Artists

Lycos Music, hosting more than two million fan pages, offers the Web’s largest community for fans and artists to publish music-related Web pages. In a separate announcement today, Lycos’ Angelfire, one of the Web’s most popular community sites, announced an emphasis on music and entertainment homepage building with a new set of tools and services geared toward these specialty content areas. Closely integrated into the Lycos Music site, Angelfire equips bands and music fans with the tools to get their band online, build a music fan page, and share up-to-date information on the hottest topics in the music industry. The site integrates Lycos’ other community-based services including music discussion groups, Lycos Music Clubs and Lycos Chat.

Lycos Music goes beyond its comprehensive consumer offerings to provide independent artists with a free and extensive MP3 hosting service. Called the Listening Room,, the new service enables aspiring bands to upload their music to the Web, convert it to MP3 format, and host and maintain the audio files, all for free. Musicians can upload photos, bios, lyrics and tour information to the Listening Room for Lycos’ broad music fan base to access. Lycos Music, through an aggregation of unique services, offers artists unparalleled promotional opportunities on the Web. The Lycos Music Radio Network is the only place where highly-ranked independent artists can be heard alongside famous artists without ever having a record contract.

Lycos Music Users PURCHASE Favorite Music, CDs

With online CD sales projected to increase eight-fold by 2003, Lycos Music offers a convenient and hassle-free online commerce channel for the purchase of music by Lycos users. Lycos Music users can easily purchase their favorite music via a simple link to from the front door.

About Lycos

Founded in 1995, Lycos, Inc. is a leading Web media company and owner of the Lycos Network, one of the most visited hubs on the Internet reaching one out of every two Web users. The Lycos Network is a unified set of Web sites that attracts a diverse audience by offering a variety of services, including leading Web navigation resources, homepage building and other Web community services and a comprehensive shopping center. The Lycos Network is composed of premium sites:, Tripod, WhoWhere, Angelfire, MailCity, HotBot, HotWired, Wired News, Webmonkey,,, Sonique and (, “Your Personal Internet Guide,” is dedicated to helping each individual user locate, retrieve and manage information tailored to his or her personal interests. Headquartered near Boston in Waltham, Mass., Lycos, Inc. is a global Internet leader with a major presence throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America.

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