Los Angeles School Selected by DIRECTV to Launch National In-Classroom TV Program; DIRECTV GOES TO SCHOOL Offers More Than 60 Channels of Programming

Los Angeles School Selected by DIRECTV to Launch National In-Classroom TV Program; DIRECTV GOES TO SCHOOL Offers More Than 60 Channels of Programming

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El SEGUNDO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–March 7, 2001

DIRECTV Inc., provider of the nation’s leading digital television service, today announced the launch of DIRECTV GOES TO SCHOOL(TM), a public service initiative that will provide up to 50,000 qualifying K-12 educational institutions around the country with free access to more than 60 channels of news, educational and informational programming.

DIRECTV is launching the DIRECTV GOES TO SCHOOL program with a special event today at La Salle Avenue Elementary School in Los Angeles.

Selected by DIRECTV as a charter school, La Salle Avenue Elementary School will not only receive free programming, but DIRECTV is also providing the school with DIRECTV equipment, including a DIRECTV Receiver with TiVo service, and a 27-inch television to be installed in its newly built library.

In addition, TiVo Inc. has agreed to provide La Salle Avenue Elementary School with a free lifetime membership to TiVo’s service.

The DIRECTV GOES TO SCHOOL program provides participating schools a free customized programming package called SCHOOL CHOICE(TM), which offers more than 60 channels of educational programming from networks such as C-SPAN, CNN, Discovery Channel, The History Channel, A&E and The Learning Channel.

The program also gives teachers the freedom to record educational programming, edit the content and replay it later to fit into their curriculum. Teachers and students can utilize the networks available via the DIRECTV GOES TO SCHOOL program as an educational tool in the classroom to supplement and enhance their curriculum.

“With the DIRECTV GOES TO SCHOOL program, we can provide visually driven lesson plans needed to impact the lives of our students in positive ways,” said Thaddus Jackson, principal of La Salle Avenue Elementary School. “We are very excited to make DIRECTV GOES TO SCHOOL a part of La Salle Avenue Elementary and to be partnering with DIRECTV on this exciting program.”

Participating schools that purchase a DIRECTV Receiver with TiVo service will receive a lifetime TiVo service membership, provided by TiVo Inc., free-of-charge. TiVo provides the easiest way for educators to digitally record the programming they wish to utilize in their classrooms and watch it when they need it most, without the need for videotapes.

The new advanced DIRECTV Receiver with TiVo combines both the DIRECTV(R) programming service and TiVo Personal TV Service in one seamlessly integrated set-top box, and uses a large disk drive to store up to 35 hours(a) of digital video content.

In a recent survey conducted for DIRECTV by CARAVAN(R)/Opinion Research, more than 75 percent of students polled stated that television in the classroom

makes learning easier.

The general consensus from students polled confirmed that television is seen as the best medium to aid them in remembering new concepts and school subjects, and that in-class educational television programming is a valuable learning tool.

In addition, the survey also confirmed that students see their teachers playing the most valuable role in the education process, despite the emergence of new technological mediums. The CARAVAN telephone survey was conducted Feb. 1-4, 2001, among a random sampling of 500 U.S. males and females, ages 6-11.

DIRECTV conducted a DIRECTV GOES TO SCHOOL pilot program in 2000, which included more than 2,000 schools across the country. As a result of the DIRECTV GOES TO SCHOOL program, Smylie Wilson Junior High in Lubbock, Texas, saw a 37 percent increase in student participation in its community outreach program, which is now widely recognized and acclaimed throughout the state of Texas.

“The needs of our nation’s schools are a high priority,” said Odie Donald, president, DIRECTV Inc. “With all of the educational programming available from programmers today, we believe that the DIRECTV GOES TO SCHOOL program will truly enhance schools’ current curriculums and deliver the most robust line up of educational programming available.”

The SCHOOL CHOICE(TM) package enables teachers and educators to directly enhance their lesson plans with continuous in-class news and education-based digital-quality TV programming.

The package offers access to popular programming such as Nickelodeon’s Emmy Award-winning series, “Bill Nye the Science Guy”; The Weather Channel’s popular earth science series, “The Weather Classroom”; A&E’s eight-part series on the history of the solar system, “The Planets”; and Hallmark Entertainment movies and mini-series seen on Odyssey Network.

In addition, DIRECTV will print special issues of DIRECTV — The Guide(TM), a 350-page companion to the on-screen guide, which will include a four-page cover wrap focusing on the DIRECTV GOES TO SCHOOL program, including feature articles on the educational programming provided in the SCHOOL CHOICE package. DIRECTV — The Guide will be provided free-of-charge to schools participating in the program.

To participate in the new education-focused program from DIRECTV, schools must be accredited public or private educational institutions, teach grades K-12, be a facility zoned as a school building by the local municipality, and install the DIRECTV Multi-Satellite System in an educational arena only.

Participating schools are required to purchase a DIRECTV System, have it installed in a classroom or library, and DIRECTV will provide SCHOOL CHOICE programming for free. For more information regarding the DIRECTV GOES TO SCHOOL program, teachers can call 800/926-2508. DIRECTV is also pursuing opportunities to display DIRECTV GOES TO SCHOOL at educational tradeshows and on educational Web sites.

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(a) Actual recording time may vary depending on the type of programming being recorded.

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