Looking to Lose Ten Pounds in Ten Days? Then Don’t Come to the Doral Golf Resort and Spa

Looking to Lose Ten Pounds in Ten Days? Then Don’t Come to the Doral Golf Resort and Spa

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Looking to Lose Ten Pounds in Ten Days? Then Don’t Come to the Doral Golf Resort and Spa. The Nutrition and Fitness Program at The Spa at Doral may differ from other Spas because it focuses on permanent lifestyle changes rather than a quick fix.

Quick weight loss is due to water loss, which can be quickly gained back again.

In order to incorporate permanent lifestyle changes into your every day life, a team of Exercise Specialists and a Registered Dietitian work together to develop a series of take home programs based on your health profile, food preferences and fitness level. Numerous fitness take home programs are offered which provide a personalized work out plan and visually illustrate the proper techniques you learned from an Exercise Specialist. Each program is tailored specifically for your individual needs.

Dining at the Spa will be a learning experience for many. You’ll learn from sampling from a variety of items. There are high calorie items for the athletic appetite and low calorie items for guests interested in weight loss. You can lose weight by choosing from a Breakfast Menu, which includes Multi-grain French Toast crusted with a high fiber cereal, Whole Wheat Pancakes or a Vegetable Egg White Omelet. Many guests have lost weight at the Spa at Doral eating pizza for lunch! One of the most popular Spa choices is the Spa Pizza prepared with whole-wheat dough, vegetables and part skim mozzarella cheese. Special requests are encouraged for dinner. Keeping it simple with a four or six ounce serving of fish or lean protein and plenty of vegetables is the best plan if you’re looking to lose weight.

How do you continue losing weight once you leave the Spa? The Spa’s Registered Dietitian will design a take home meal-planning program designed specifically for your health profile and food preferences. The program includes an easy food-tracking guide to help you succeed in your goal for weight management and complementary e-mail follow-ups to ensure success with your weight loss program.

Have you tried everything and still are unsuccessful in maintaining a healthy weight? The Non-Diet Approach may be the best approach for your take home program.

A stay at the Spa at Doral provides a jump-start that gets you motivated to make permanent lifestyle changes and gives you the tool of education to continue on your wellness journey.

About The Spa at Doral

The world-renowned Spa at Doral is a destination and day spa that earns its award-winning reputation every day. For people who know spas, it’s understandable why the Spa at Doral was named to Conde Nast Traveler’s Gold List and ranked in the top 10 spas in the U.S. by Zagat. The 148,000 atrium spa beckons guests with an elegant setting and a philosophy that focuses on integrated wellness. Offering more than 100 specialty treatments and 49 classes per week, spa offerings include traditional fitness and beauty treatments as well as more innovative stress-management sessions as well as astrological readings and Yoga. Facilities include Jacuzzis, indoor and outdoor heated pools, steam and sauna, gymnasium, private au natural tanning decks and cascading hydro-massage waterfalls to name just a few. For further information please visit www.doralresort.com/spa/ or call 1 (800) 71-DORAL.

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