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Local Software Executive, Josh Roach, Creates Start Up Software Company

Local Software Executive, Josh Roach, Creates Start Up Software Company

SAN DIEGO — San Diego is home to a new software company, ConVisia Inc., a firm specializing in instant wireless collaboration of complex documents. ConVisia has opened offices in downtown San Diego, and is the brainchild of local engineering executive John (Josh) Roach. Mr. Roach has been steadily building a product and engineering team, driving the production rollout of ConVisia’s hosted wireless solutions, initially targeting field workers in the architecture, engineering and construction fields.

Mr. Roach has an extensive background in San Diego high-tech, having held VP Engineering positions most recently at Intuit, Accelrys, and HNC Software. He has a long history of running successful engineering programs, creating commercially available software extending from scientific software to financial and enterprise systems. Mr. Roach is the CTO, Chief Architect and Founder of ConVisia, and will lead the rapidly growing team of software engineers and product development personnel.

“There is deep talent in San Diego, especially in the wireless and Java-centric arena,” says Roach. “Our technology is 100% portable and scalable to all devices over wireless, from handhelds, PDAs, laptops and graph pads, as well as workstations in the office. We’ve been recruiting a top executive team, as well as an engineering team that knows how to build industrial strength, distributed systems. The ASP hosted model is the ideal way for us to scale our services nationwide, while remaining a product-centric company.”

About ConVisia

ConVisia is a privately held company that provides instant wireless collaboration software, hosting, and archiving of complex architectural and engineering blueprints. Offices are located in San Diego, CA. For more information, visit or call 619-233-4166.

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