LightWork Design Releases Version 6.0 of LightWorks; Industry Leading Product Continues to Anticipate Market Demands

LightWork Design Releases Version 6.0 of LightWorks; Industry Leading Product Continues to Anticipate Market Demands

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LightWork Design, the worldwide leading supplier of rendering engines for 3D design software applications, today announced the launch of the newest release of its flagship product, LightWorks(R) v6.0.

LightWork Design is the worldwide leading supplier of component software tools for 3D design applications. The company’s comprehensive LightWorks rendering system integrates all key rendering techniques and is designed for direct integration into 3D software applications, giving application developers fast, innovative and leading edge rendering technology for producing photorealistic 3D images and animations.

LightWorks 6.0

LightWork Design is keen to work in partnership with customers in order to offer the solution to their requirements. With this in mind, this newest release of LightWorks v6.0, continues to enhance the product’s performance within the market place by introducing a number of significant new developments, which build upon its existing strengths and successes. These features include:

Multi-Coloured Area Lights

LightWorks 6.0 provides major developments to area lights to allow more accurate, effective and faster lighting. Area light support has been extended so that the colour of light emitted from the light source is not only determined by the geometry and shape of the area light but also by the materials associated with the light source. Other renderers only support one colour for the whole area light, but this superior development allows multi-colours to be used, thereby producing more accurate and more subtly effective results. As well as including this new functionality the LightWorks programmers have also increased the performance of area light calculations by up to 3 times – maintaining its performance lead.

Interactive Shadows

Another new feature now available within LightWorks 6.0 is that of interactive hardware-assisted shadows within the LightWorks OpenGL module. This innovative development provides users with the option to interactively see the effect of light changes, so that they can produce excellent results and more realistic effects for their images.

Extended Functionality to Application Layer

LightWorks 6.0 also extends the existing functionality of the Application Layer – the LightWorks customisable user interface. The most significant developments to this being:

— An advanced material-manager allowing the creation of user archives;

— Interactive light positioning tools and controls to make it very easy for

users to create advanced lighting effects;

— Easy-to-use interactive decal positioning for adding logos and labels to


— Advanced scenery manager making it easier for users to set their models in a

scene, for maximum realism with a single click;

— The ability for even the unskilled user to be able to use advanced radiosity

calculations in their renderings, using a simple but powerful UI.

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Many companies are already using LightWorks successfully within their own business applications and taking advantage of the many features and benefits which LightWorks offers:

Auto-des-sys Inc.

“We are once again delighted with the announcement of LightWorks 6.0 and we expect our users to be likewise,” says Chris Yessios, President of auto-des-sys. “Not only does it represent a quick response to industry trends (through support for new operating environments, such as Apple’s Mac OS X) it also responds to requests & suggestions that originated with our own users. Possibly the most notable example of such a feature is the newly introduced ability to assign multiple colors to area lights. This in itself offers tremendous possibilities towards the production of even more realistic images.”


“LightWork Design improves their products all the time. With the new object oriented shader interface and support for interactive shadows in LightWorks 6.0, the next version of trueSpace will bring added functionality to trueSpace users and provide them with the competitive edge they demand.” Roman Ormandy, Caligari President.

Configura Sverige AB

“We are very satisfied with LightWorks and the technical excellence it offers to our development team.” says Goran Rydqvist, Director of Research & Development at Configura Sverige AB. “The leading-edge technology allows us to provide the best for our customers and enables them to create high quality images. The release of LightWorks 6.0 is very welcome and demonstrates the continuous product development and innovation at LightWorks.”

Digital Immersion

Tyler Campbell, Sales Manager of Digital Immersion adds, “Using Lightworks for final rendering provides the features, speed, flexibility and stunning photo-realism output that our professional users demand.”

Nemetschek North America

Richard Diehl, CEO Nemetschek North America comments, “Our adoption of the Lightworks technology has allowed us to offer our users rendering capabilities that at one time seemed impossible.”

M2 Research

“As a leading supplier of component technology solutions, LightWork Design remains at the forefront of new technology development. LightWorks has established itself as the leading 3D rendering solution among design and visualisation professionals. The company’s component software allows for direct integration into major 3D packages, meeting the 3D visualisation needs of a diverse range of software users worldwide. As 3D visualisation tools become more widely used in a number of key markets, growth in this sector is expected to remain strong for the next several years, and we expect LightWorks will continue to remain a dominant player.” Wanda Meloni, Principal, M2 Research -providing market intelligence for the graphics and digital media market-.

About LightWorks

The LightWorks rendering engine is used by over1/2million 3D software users in more than 80 applications worldwide, including products from UGS, SolidWorks Corporation, Matra Datavision, Parametric Technology Corp, auto-des-sys Inc., Informatix, Msc. Working Knowledge, Nemetschek North America, Nihon Unisys, CPU Co. Ltd., think3, Fukui Computer Inc. and GESTEL.

About LightWork Design

LightWork Design is the world’s leading supplier of quality advanced computer graphics software for rendering, simulation and visualization solutions within computer aided design markets. Established in 1989, LightWork Design continues to invest in research and development to provide its customer base with innovative and market-focused technology. The company’s products are used in more than 150 software applications worldwide and by over 1 million 3D software users.

LightWork Design offers LightWorks(R) for photo-realistic rendering and lighting simulation, MachineWorks(R) for machining simulation and verification, and NavisWorks(R) for visualisation and co-ordination in design review.

LightWorks is a registered trademark of LightWork Design Ltd.

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