LEXIS-NEXIS Academic Universe Mega-Consortia Contract Renewed

LEXIS-NEXIS Academic Universe Mega-Consortia Contract Renewed – Now Over 1,000 College and Universities Subscribe


Under a contract renewal negotiated by a mega-consortium of universities, nearly three-quarters of all U.S. college and university students will be using LEXIS(R)-NEXIS(R) Academic Universe from Congressional Information Service, Inc. (CIS) in the 1999-2000 academic year.

CIS and SOLINET (Southeastern Library Network), a regional network consortium of southeastern colleges, universities and public libraries, negotiated the multi-million-dollar contract. SOLINET, acting as negotiating agent for 28 library consortia, administers the contract and is the billing agent.

LEXIS-NEXIS Academic Universe is now available to more than 5.5 million full-time equivalent undergraduate and graduate students plus faculty and staff at over 1,000 participating institutions – an increase over the 600 institutions included in the original June 1998 SOLINET contract.

Using a standard World Wide Web browser, users can access LEXIS-NEXIS Academic Universe from dorms, the library and offices to perform authoritative research for academic course work, get late-breaking news or precedent-setting case law and find company information.

According to Angee Baker (angee_baker@solinet.net), Director, Electronic Information Services, SOLINET, “Renewing a national agreement of this magnitude requires significant administrative, accounting and marketing resources. Working closely with networks, consortia and the ICOLC (International Coalition of Library Consortia), SOLINET is pleased to continue playing a role in making the LEXIS-NEXIS Academic Universe agreement possible. Confidence in the service is high, demonstrated by the fact that in 1999 more librarians elected to renew or join the mega-consortia. We’re especially pleased that librarians, students and faculty at nine U.S. Universities–the CIS Design Partners–and the Content Advisory Board actively shaped the August 1999 redesign of Academic Universe content, features, and function.”

Baker continues, “This year, we negotiated for the next two years based on 90% renewal of this year’s participation level. If we are able to achieve that goal the agreement between SOLINET and CIS/LEXIS-NEXIS will continue to be a solid economic value for libraries through 2002. Also this year, the SOLINET offer includes not only LEXIS-NEXIS Academic Universe, but also the additional CIS services in the new unified CIS Universe Suite, including CIS Congressional Universe, CIS Statistical Universe, CIS State Capital Universe and CIS History Universe: Access to African American Studies–adding 2.3 million students to the current agreement.”

“During its first year in campus libraries, student response to LEXIS-NEXIS Academic Universe has exceeded even our most optimistic expectations,” comments Mark Capaldini, president and chief executive officer of Congressional Information Service, Inc., which reports to the NEXIS division of the LEXIS-NEXIS Group. Academic Universe was introduced in August 1997.

CIS, now celebrating 30 years of service to libraries worldwide, is a leading publisher of academic reference and research collections in history and the social sciences for information users in academia, public libraries and legal and business enterprises. University Publications of America (UPA), publisher of scholarly research collections, is a CIS imprint.

CIS (www.cispubs.com) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the LEXIS-NEXIS Group (www.lexis-nexis.com), headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. LEXIS-NEXIS is a trusted source of decision-support information and services in the legal, business, academic and government markets.

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