Legendary Astronaut & 2nd Man on the Moon, Buzz Aldrin Partners with Phonak Hearing Systems to Educate Consumers Nationwide About Hearing Loss

Legendary Astronaut & 2nd Man on the Moon, Buzz Aldrin Partners with Phonak Hearing Systems to Educate Consumers Nationwide About Hearing Loss

WARRENVILLE, Ill. — Phonak Hearing Systems, a world leader in the development of technologically-advanced hearing instruments, is partnering with renowned space pioneer and hearing aid wearer Buzz Aldrin to help educate consumers nationwide about hearing-health, specifically the signs, symptoms, treatment and available solutions for hearing loss.

With over 4500 hours of flying time with NASA, 66 combat missions as a fighter pilot in the U.S. Air Force and innumerable hours spent in loud environments, Buzz can personally attest to the impact of noise-induced hearing loss due to over-exposure to loud environments.

“As someone who has experienced the isolating effects of hearing loss first-hand, I felt compelled to help educate others and encourage them to no longer suffer in silence and get help,” said Buzz Aldrin, Ph.D., Colonel, USAF, Ret., Apollo 11 Astronaut.

“Over the past few years, I found myself really straining to understand what people were saying during important meetings and events. I even struggled to communicate with my own family. However, since I started wearing my Phonak hearing aids, the quality of my life has improved immensely. I’m able to re-engage in the activities I love most. I only wish I had gone through this process sooner.”

Hearing loss is the third most prevalent chronic condition in older Americans. In fact, over 31 million people in the U.S. suffer from it to some degree. However, only seven million have sought treatment(a), leaving a huge opportunity for education. One third of this group is the latest generation of “super seniors” who, like Buzz, are above 65 years of age, enjoy active, healthy lifestyles, and are often still pursuing career or other life-long goals. The ability to hear is crucial for them to effectively communicate and to maximize their continued life fulfillment.

“Hearing loss can affect people at any age and in varying degrees,” said David Fabry, Ph.D., Vice President of Professional Relations & Education at Phonak Hearing Systems. “Consistent exposure to loud environments, as in Buzz’s case, can affect your hearing over time but it’s important for people to know that hearing aids are the most effective solution for 90% of those with a hearing loss.”

As such, Buzz and Phonak are on a mission to encourage the millions of Americans who think they may be experiencing hearing loss to get regular hearing screenings, seek help from a hearing professional and learn about the latest solutions. Some signs that may indicate you have hearing loss include:

–Asking people to repeat themselves frequently

–Feeling like others are mumbling much of the time

–Experiencing difficulty distinguishing voices from background noise

–Avoiding crowded places because its hard to hear conversation

As part of his hearing-health mission, Buzz is participating in a Phonak marketing campaign with consumer advertising, in-office education and public service announcement elements.

For more information about Buzz Aldrin’s hearing-health mission and his latest hi-tech Savia hearing, please visit www.hearlikebuzz.com or you can download b-roll footage via satellite on Wednesday, August 31st from 15:00-15:15 p.m. (ET).

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About Buzz’s State-Of-The-Art Hearing Aid, Savia

“When your life has been predominantly dependent on effective communication utilizing the latest technological devices, the expectations of a hearing aid’s performance are extremely high,” said Buzz Aldrin. “Ever since I received my Savia by Phonak, I’ve been amazed by the ingenuity incorporated into such a small system. Savia’s lightweight design and natural sound quality help me forget I’m even wearing them and they’ve allowed me to re-engage in my everyday activities without missing a beat.”

Savia uses digital bionics to meet all of the challenges of modern communication that remain untouched by present digital technology. For example, hearing aid users can finally say goodbye to the days of endless adjustments. Savia provides users with automatic and effortless hearing in an infinite number of listening environments (i.e., hearing conversation in noisy restaurants, listening to music at the symphony, engaging in conversation with a loved one, etc.) while also addressing the problems of wind noise, echo and additional background noise – without even touching a button.

This ground-breaking, hands-free device is also packed with the latest innovative features such as Bluetooth(R) technology, feedback phase inversion (to ensure feedback-free conversations in all environments, even on any phone), FM technology, DataLogging, EchoBlock, dual-wind noise management and volume control. Savia is the world’s smallest, most powerful digital signal processor manufactured with submicron technology, with more than 6,000,000 transistors packed into a 2.7 x 3.7 mm chip. Made in variety of colors and styles, consumers can choose from In-the-ear (ITE), in-the-canal (ITC), behind-the-ear (BTE) and/or completely-in-the-canal (CIC) models.

About Phonak

Phonak Hearing Systems is a global leader in the development and manufacture of hearing systems. Using state-of-the-art technology, the Swiss-based company strives to produce solutions for adults and children with and without hearing loss in the most challenging of listening environments. Phonak’s ultimate goal is to make a key contribution to the quality of life of those with a hearing impairment, their family and friends. For more information about Phonak, please visit www.phonak-us.com.

(a) Better Hearing Institute

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