Komo Machine, Inc. Opens up the Small to Medium Size CNC Router Market via an Exclusive Partnership with Omnitech

Komo Machine, Inc. Opens up the Small to Medium Size CNC Router Market via an Exclusive Partnership with Omnitech

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Komo Machine, Inc. announces it is now providing a new line of CNC routers for the small to medium size CNC router market. Komo has secured an agreement with Omnitech Inc. of Charlotte, North Carolina to distribute the Selexx series of machines. The Selexx series is the first series of CNC router machines that meets the exacting specification standards of current Komo machines which includes superior componentry, industrial quality standards and machining flexibility. Under Komo’s product umbrella, these machines will raise the level of quality and capability available to this market segment with Komo’s industry-leading CimTech software and the company’s industry-recognized service and support for $70,000 to $85,000. Komo will continue to manufacture its Mach series of machines here in the U.S. to service its dominated market of medium to large size customers. This is the first in a series of company and product expansions that Komo will be announcing this quarter.

“Our distributors and customers in the small to medium market segment have been clamoring for a solution from Komo,” says Tom Azzarelli, president and CEO for Komo Machine, Inc. “We are bringing to this market–a market previously limited in their choices of routers–a machine that meets Komo’s quality standards and we’re coupling it with the elite levels of service support and software that this industry has come to expect from Komo.”

The availability of the Selexx series means that Komo can immediately begin to distribute these machines. The Selexx machines are a series of machines designed to Omnitech specifications incorporating industrial-level quality components combined with multiple machine options, flexibility and superior millwork capabilities.

The addition of the Selexx series allows Komo to better service the small to medium size customer that the company was until now unable to serve. In business for 37 years, Komo is noted domestically and internationally for manufacturing, distributing and servicing machines in the $120,000 to $350,000 range with their highly-regarded Komo Mach series. Komo will continue to manufacture and expand this flagship series.

About Komo Machine, Inc.

In business for 37 years, Komo Machine, Inc. provides complete computer numerically controlled (CNC) routers and vertical machining centers for panel processing, plastics machining, solid surface ‘non-ferrous’ metals, and other special applications. A full suite of CAD/CAM production software is included with every Komo machine. The company has over 1500 existing CNC machining center installations. Their design and manufacturing plant is located in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota and the company has nationwide Authorized Technology & Service Centers both in independent facilities, at the plant and at select independent dealerships.

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