Kohl’s and Animal Planet® Team up for Kids; Kohl’s to offer exclusive Animal Planet merchandise that will benefit children’s health and education opportunities

It’s a Jungle in There: Kohl’s and Animal Planet® Team up for Kids; Kohl’s to offer exclusive Animal Planet merchandise that will benefit children’s health and education opportunities

MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis. — Beginning July 10, Kohl’s Department Stores will be able to answer age-old questions such as “how many pounds of food does an elephant eat per day?” and “are all zebra stripes the same?” For limited time, Kohl’s is offering four exciting, custom edition books from Animal Planet, which feature an elephant, tiger, zebra and giraffe. Kohl’s is also offering the exclusive corresponding stuffed animals.

As part of its Kohl’s Cares for Kids(R) program, Kohl’s stores across the country will feature the exclusive items for $5 each with 100 percent of the net profits benefiting children’s health and educational opportunities in Kohl’s communities nationwide. The items will also be available online at www.Kohls.com.

“We are excited that Kohl’s could partner with Animal Planet to bring a little piece of the African Savanna to Kohl’s littlest customers nationwide,” said Julie Gardner, senior vice president of marketing for Kohl’s. “More importantly, by sharing these wonderful books with their children, shoppers will help raise millions of dollars to benefit children.”

Featuring creative stories and real-life photos, Animal Planet delivers books that teach children about the behavior and lifestyle of African and Russian animals, while providing important messages about family, courage and leadership. Additionally, each book is loaded with “fun-facts” about the animals.

–Tembo Takes Charge: In this lighthearted book, Tembo the elephant protects his herd from predators large and small. Children learn the dangers that surround wild elephants and how the leadership and courage of one elephant can ensure the safety of the entire group.

–Milia’s Big Day: Just as children desire more responsibility as they get older, so do zebras. In a story that truly relates to growth and maturity, Milia the zebra is honored when chosen to keep watch over her herd as they rest. But as with any good story, it wouldn’t be complete without a few challenges.

–Katya’s Busy Morning: Deep in the jungle, Katya the tiger demonstrates selflessness as she puts her cubs needs before her own. Although hunger pains wake her early in the morning, she learns that some things in life are simply more important than eating breakfast.

–Dedan Saves the Day: Parents go to great lengths to protect their young, even in the wild. Dedan the giraffe must fight for his family on a journey across the Savanna. While protecting his family, Dedan becomes a hero to his son.

Children will enjoy learning about four magnificent wild animals, and realize the obstacles animals face in the wild aren’t so different from those of humans. The books also deliver lessons in social skills such as leadership and responsibility, which are important as children get older. Coordinating plush animals provide quality companions to each of these exciting books.

In addition to supporting children’s health and educational opportunities, the Kohl’s Cares for Kids program features a gift card fundraising opportunity for local schools and non-profit youth groups, the Kohl’s Kids Who Care(R) scholarship program, which recognizes kids who contribute through volunteerism to their local communities, and the associate volunteer program, which encourages volunteerism to benefit local youth-focused nonprofit organizations. For more information on these programs, visit www.kohlscorporation.com.

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