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Koch selects BT in Worldwide deal for Trader Telephones

Koch selects BT in Worldwide deal for Trader Telephones – Largest Private Trading Room Installation –

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sept. 23, 1998–BT North America Inc., the U.S.-based subsidiary of British Telecommunications plc, announced today that Koch Industries Inc., has chosen the company to supply trading turrets – specialized trader telephones – for five of its trading rooms around the world. Koch’s traders will benefit from BT’s advanced technology, including MegaLink2, BT’s high bandwidth multimedia delivery to the desk.

MegaLink2 will be used by Koch to provide video switching for broadcast TV, digital voice recording and a computer telephony integration application developed by BT, for voice recording playback through the turret.

“We are excited about this transaction because we anticipate the technology involved will greatly boost our ability to provide world-class service to our global customers. It will enhance Koch’s knowledge sharing capability, while allowing our traders to disseminate critical information to customers in the most timely manner possible,” said Seth Vance, chief operating officer of Koch Petroleum Group and co-chair of the Trading Board.

“The configuration provided to Koch is truly advanced and reflects the power of computer-telephony integration (CTI) utilizing MegaLink2,” said John Kerr, marketing manager for BT. “BT’s new Voice Playback to the Desk application is especially advantageous to the trader. The turret literally controls the voice recorder like voice mail, enabling the trader to step forward and backward through the messages.”

Koch is purchasing more than 1,000 turrets from BT, preparing for growth in the company’s trading activities. Koch is active in diverse markets including oil, natural gas, gas liquids and petrochemicals.

“Koch’s selection of BT is a result of BT’s commitment to advancing the technology of trading. At Koch, BT is deploying innovative CTI applications and supporting open systems integration with third-party vendors for voice recording and videoconferencing,” explained Kerr. “The capabilities of MegaLink2 as a delivery mechanism for complex multimedia to the trader’s desk and Koch’s desire to implement many of the functions of the ITS solution, were major factors in BT’s selection.”

BT turrets are planned for every Koch trading room. The first cutover occurred in Koch’s London office in March. Koch’s Houston office was cutover by Aug. 17 and BT has scheduled additional installations in Wichita, Calgary and Singapore.

“BT had the best overall package for Koch,” concluded Kerr. “In addition to the technology within the turret environment, BT is the only supplier capable of integrating its turret system with Nortel PBXs in the way that Koch required.”

BT is using MCDN, Nortel’s Meridian(tm) Customer Defined Network, to interface between a turret platform and Nortel’s Meridian PBX. This interface will enable Koch’s traders to access most PBX services from their turrets, including dialing PBX extensions, placing and receiving PBX-managed calls and accessing voicemail services supported by the PBX.

“The trading system will form a bridge to Koch’s existing telecommunications infrastructure,” said Rod MacDonald, director at Syntegra, the systems integration business of BT. “The turret platform represents a big step up in capability. By placing this responsibility with BT, a smooth transition to the new technology is assured. Aside from the technology itself, there are many other issues surrounding a successful implementation. BT has the experience to ensure success,” continued MacDonald.

“In awarding a project of this magnitude, spanning three continents, we are very confident in the capabilities of BT and the proposed technology,” commented Kenneth Stott, managing director of IT at Koch.

“BT is more than pleased to have its trading systems technology accepted by Koch. It is very gratifying to us to win this contract as it demonstrates so many aspects of our trading systems offering,” concluded MacDonald.

Koch Industries Inc. is the second largest privately held company in the United States with regard to revenue, as ranked by Forbes. Koch Industries and its subsidiaries employ over 16,000 people worldwide and are involved in virtually all phases of the oil and gas industry, as well as agriculture, chemicals, chemical technology products, energy services, asphalt products, metals and minerals services, real estate and financial investments. For more information on Koch, refer to the company’s Web site at

British Telecommunications plc, through its affiliates in North America, offers a range of international network products and services, including financial trading systems. BT-equipped trading room systems are in place in every major commercial trading center. As one of the world’s largest providers of financial trading systems, operating in 41 countries with more than 45,000 positions at over 1,400 sites, BT provides voice and market data systems to enable traders to make quick decisions when busy market conditions dictate. BT North America Inc. is headquartered at 40 East 52nd Street, New York, NY 10022.

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