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KnowledgeBroker Releases New Support Titles for Support Services Conference and Expo; Help Desk Solutions Now Available for Windows 98, Office 97, Windows NT 4.0

KnowledgeBroker Releases New Support Titles for Support Services Conference and Expo; Help Desk Solutions Now Available for Windows 98, Office 97, Windows NT 4.0

RENO, Nev.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aug. 26, 1998–KnowledgeBroker Inc. (KBI) Wednesday announced it is releasing knowledge-based support solutions for Windows 98, Office 97 and Windows NT 4.0.

This release is timed to coincide with the Support Services Conference and Expo in San Francisco, September 8 through 10.

Prepackaged support solutions save time and reduce PC support costs by providing help desk technicians and end users immediate answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about software, hardware, operating systems and the Internet.

“These new solutions are a powerful addition to KBI’s already extensive KnowledgeBase,” said Brad Stanley, president of KnowledgeBroker. “Prepackaged solutions shortcut the learning curve and the support costs associated with migrating to a new environment. They provide help desk technicians with a broad base of immediate step-by-step answers to questions from both new and more experienced users.”

KnowledgeBroker is a leading provider of high performance prepackaged problem resolution databases. These new titles have been added to KBI’s Prepackaged Solution Support Suites and formatted for KBI’s KnowledgeBases, support solutions for call tracking and knowledge management systems, ASK.ME Pro, KBI’s series of stand alone Help Desk programs and ASK.ME OnLine ( KBI’s searchable support site on the Internet. In addition these solutions have been incorporated into the automated KnowledgeBase KBI uses on its own 24 x 7 Help Desk and outsourcing service.

“Companies are constantly looking for ways to reduce support costs and provide high value customer service,” said Jim Alexander, VP Sales. “These new knowledgebases are very comprehensive. The first cut of Windows 98 has been especially tailored to early adopters and is loaded with very useful information about installation, Y2K and `How to…’ “

For more information about KBI’s support products and services, access KnowledgeBroker’s web site ( To reach KnowledgeBroker, call 800/829-4524, 714/661-7523, or send an e-mail to KnowledgeBroker is traded on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol “KBIZ.”

About KnowledgeBroker Inc.

KnowledgeBroker is a leading supplier of knowledge-based support technology and service. Established in 1992, KBI provides a full suite of technical support software, service and solutions to businesses, individual users, and value-added resellers. KnowledgeBroker develops and licenses KnowledgeBases, support solutions formatted for knowledge management systems and ASK.ME Pro, a series of stand alone Help Desk programs. KBI operates ASK.ME OnLine (, a searchable support site on the Internet. E-mail Technical Support (ETS), support solutions via the Web and e-mail, is provided in conjunction with ASK.ME OnLine. In addition KnowledgeBroker provides live 24-hour technical support through their multivendor help desk in Dallas.

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