Kennametal’s Implementation of Ockham Technologies’ SalesRazor Software Goes Live

Kennametal’s Implementation of Ockham Technologies’ SalesRazor Software Goes Live

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Leading Metalworking Manufacturer Gains Control Over its Sales

Quota Setting Process for Its North American Sales Program

Ockham Technologies, the pioneer in packaged analytics and planning software for sales management, today announced that Kennametal Inc. (NYSE: KMT), the leading provider of tooling solutions to the metalworking industry, has gone “live” on Ockham Technologies’ SalesRazor software to set quotas for its North American sales program. The SalesRazor software is being used by 40 sales managers within Kennametal’s North American sales division to set and modify sales quotas, analyze sales performance and improve the overall productivity of the sales force.

The Ockham Technologies’ sales management application interfaces with Kennametal’s SAP enterprise system and also integrates various point-of-sale files to funnel sales results to the sales managers. The SalesRazor software uses this information to fuel Kennametal’s decision support tools, based on industry specific best practices, and to walk Kennametal’s sales managers through critical annual and quarterly processes as well as daily decisions.

“With Ockham Technologies’ SalesRazor software, our entire North American sales division has a consistent methodology to use for its everyday sales operations,” said Bill McAliney, director of North and South American Sales and Metalworking Operations at Kennametal. “Our sales managers have confidence in the quotas they have set, and they were able to provide them to their sales people very early in the year. And, for the first time ever, all of the division’s sales managers have access to the same data and are now able to manage the entire quota setting process through a single tool. We would not have completed the project successfully without the strength of our partnership with Ockham Technologies.”

“As a traditional manufacturing company, Kennametal was looking for an innovative way to automate, streamline and increase its overall sales productivity,” said Jim Triandiflou, CEO of Ockham Technologies. “In 120 days, Ockham Technologies helped Kennametal to develop an accurate quota setting process for its North American sales program and maximize the power of its sales compensation plan more than ever before. We look forward to continuing to help Kennametal achieve its business objectives.”

About SalesRazor

SalesRazor is the ultimate resource for transforming sales managers’ best guesses into best practices. The software bridges the gap between disparate information sources within a multi-channel sales organization to create a unified sales management system. This information, combined with world-class best practices, provides sales managers with the tools they need to effectively and efficiently assess and manage the sales force in real time. For the first time, sales managers have a solution to capture and deliver the full range of information sales management executives need as well as targeted planning tools that guide users through the critical decisions that make or break sales results. SalesRazor helps sales managers increase the productivity of their sales force and, therefore, revenues and profits.

About Kennametal

Kennametal Inc. aspires to be the premier tooling solutions supplier in the world with operational excellence throughout the value chain and best-in-class manufacturing and technology. Kennametal strives to deliver superior shareowner value through top-tier financial performance. The company provides customers a broad range of technologically advanced tools, tooling systems and engineering services aimed at improving customers’ manufacturing competitiveness. With 13,000 employees worldwide, the corporation’s annual sales are approximately $1.9 billion, with a third coming from sales outside the United States. Kennametal has been named one of the Best Places to Work in Pennsylvania and has representation in more than 60 countries. Kennametal operations in Europe are headquartered in Furth, Germany. Kennametal Asia Pacific operations are headquartered in Singapore.

About Ockham Technologies, Inc.

Ockham Technologies, Inc. is totally dedicated to sales management. Ockham Technologies delivers its expertise through its SalesRazor applications, which help sales management maximize sales productivity. Ockham Technologies is unique in its focus on sales management and emphasis on incorporating the best practices of the world’s leading sales organizations into applications. More information on Ockham Technologies ( can be obtained by contacting Lisa Fret at 404.923.5033 or

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