James Bond Trading Card Packages Include Collector Chips Created by Paul-Son Gaming’s Authentic Products Subsidiary

James Bond Trading Card Packages Include Collector Chips Created by Paul-Son Gaming’s Authentic Products Subsidiary


As James Bond fans eagerly await their hero’s return to theaters on Nov. 19 in MGM’s The World Is Not Enough, Authentic Products, a subsidiary of Paul-Son Gaming Corporation (Nasdaq:PSON), has produced for Inkworks, a trading card company of Raleigh, N.C., limited edition numbered collector chips with several images of the intrepid agent and women of Bond.

The chips begin circulating Nov. 17 as bonuses in a unique marketing campaign by Inkworks.

One of the three distinctively styled chips with their eye-catching graphics have been inserted into the sealed display boxes of 007 trading cards being manufactured and distributed by Inkworks to its customers and retailers worldwide. Every box contains 36 packs of trading cards along with one of the collectible chips.

Authentic Products has sequentially numbered the chips, which, combined with its proprietary process of molding detailed logos or other designs onto both sides of a chip, ensures the authenticity of the limited quantities.

Eric P. Endy, chairman and CEO of Paul-Son Gaming, said, “Selection of the 007 chip as one of the collectible bonuses for buyers of Inkworks’ premium trading card set enables us to add James Bond enthusiasts to our market of chip collectors.

“It is also another example of Authentic Products’ strategy to establish commemorative chips as an important step in the segment of collectibles and memorabilia markets. Inkworks’ decision to include the James Bond chip in its marketing campaign is particularly gratifying,” Endy added.

Allan Caplan, president of Inkworks, commented, “We believe the James Bond chip adds value to our promotional package and we expect all of our dealers and collectors who have come to expect superior card offerings from Inkworks will welcome and enjoy this very attractive bonus.”

Inkworks is a leading trading card manufacturer specializing in licensed entertainment products. Its licenses, in addition to James Bond, include Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Elvis Presley, Todd McFarlane’s Spawn, Titanic, Planet of the Apes, Alien, and the upcoming release of Tim Burton’s movie Sleepy Hollow.

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