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IPN Announces Unique Service for Monetizing User-Generated Videos

IPN Announces Unique Service for Monetizing User-Generated Videos

Facilitated by IPN Webcam Studio, offering also serves as viral marketing tool for corporate sponsors

HOLLYWOOD — Interactive Promotional Networks (IPN) announced today the launch of a unique revenue-generating service for companies that enables Internet users to display self-produced content on video-sharing sites. Facilitated by IPN Webcam Studio, a video-creation environment providing easy-to-use TV studio capabilities, IPN’s service enables users to create webcam-based online content with enterprise-branded elements, earning them revenues according to the number of views generated. Based on an innovative business model linking corporate sponsorship with user-generated video, the IPN service also boosts the user base and profitability of video-sharing sites and serves as a viral marketing tool for enterprises.

“Advertisers are looking to leverage the exponential growth of user-generated video,” said Eldad Caspi, IPN founder and CVO. “Our service helps them accomplish that by letting video creators decide which brands they want to add to their message. At the same time, by partnering with top websites, we provide users with a dynamic video-creation environment and mutually beneficial revenue model, leading to a win-win-win situation for all three parties.”

While video-sharing sites have traditionally maintained full control over placing advertisements on top of user-generated content as a post-production step, this model has several shortcomings. Since such ad placement is not approved by the video creator, users may object to being linked with a particular advertiser, and in turn, terminate their association with the Web site. In addition, since the link between advertiser and content is often weak, the advertisement’s message may become distorted and fail to reach the enterprise’s target audience.

By connecting users and corporate sponsors in a revolutionary way, the IPN service overcomes these shortcomings. After entering a video-sharing site, users are directed to the IPN Webcam Studio. The white-label application offers a set of user-friendly imaging tools, including enterprise-branded objects and backdrops, which users can incorporate into their videos. As such, the service ensures linkage with the user’s sponsor of choice. And since the users themselves best understand their target audience, video context and suitability of the selected advertised brand, advertisement effectiveness is enhanced.

“With our platform, users decide just how far they are willing to go in cooperating with the sponsor,” Caspi said. “Some may choose subtle product placement, while others will actually incorporate a branded video or text message. In fact, our model goes as far as enabling users to create a product pitch or their own advertisements for the sponsor.”

IPN Webcam Studio will be demonstrated at IPN’s Booth #53 at Digital Hollywood from October 29 – November 1.

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IPN Advertising Systems Ltd. provides interactive promotional network solutions enabling users to express themselves online in captivating, entertaining and original ways. Bringing the power of Internet and mobile communications to the masses, IPN’s cutting-edge products empower unique advertising opportunities for Web sites and communications service providers. Founded in 2002, IPN is run by a dynamic team of experienced executives and professionals with advertising and Internet technology expertise. Leveraging a proven track record, unique advertising revenue models and innovative products, IPN enables customers to boost their user base, revenues and profitability.

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