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Information Architects Builds Foundation for WellnessAmerica Online, Inc

Information Architects Builds Foundation for WellnessAmerica Online, Inc

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WellnessAmerica Online Selects iA’s XML-Based Metaphoria To More

Efficiently Gather And Distribute Health-Related Content

WellnessAmerica Online Inc. (WellnessAmerica), sponsor for health-related content to one of the world’s leading Internet service providers, today selected Information Architects’ (iA) (NASDAQ: IARC) XML-based dynamic content aggregation and syndication solution for driving eBusiness across the Net.

Leveraging the power of XML and JAVA, iA’s patented Metaphoria Framework provides WellnessAmerica with cost-effective automated formatting and syndicating of content.

For WellnessAmerica, this means its health-related content will be delivered with complete commerce functionality, to any portal, vortal, Web site or Internet accessible device. To the end user, this means easy access to an enormous database of 704 diseases in 15 areas of complementary medicine and the related research and white papers.

“Through iA’s Metaphoria, WellnessAmerica gains superior functionality in one of the Web’s most competitive marketplaces. The new partnership will open new sources of health-related information and help consumers gain greater access to solid medical research. Because medical content is dynamic, the power of Metaphoria will provide WellnessAmerica consumers with the most up-to-date information from the most reputable sources,” said Robert Gruder, CEO of iA.

According to Fortune(R) Magazine, 48% of adult Internet users search for health information online. Through their relationships with one of the world’s leading Internet service providers, WellnessAmerica will reach approximately 21million members and a growing e-marketplace for health-related content. In the next three years alone, the health-care business-to-business e-commerce sector, according to Fortune, will jump from $6 billion last year to $178 billion.

“WellnessAmerica chose iA for one simple reason, it enabled us to rapidly accommodate the increased traffic from three new relationships with one of the world’s leading Internet providers. These relationships cover inquiries from existing visitors, search functionality for new Alternative Health content and our exclusive sponsorship of our customer’s health and medicine electronic magazine. Through iA, we will be able to provide the best health content to the number one interactive medium in the world. Previously, we worked in a static environment where programmers manually converted information from legacy databases to make information XML-compliant. With iA’s Metaphoria, we no longer need compliant software on affiliate sites and we gain two-way dynamic exchange of functionality and data, in any format, to any Internet accessible device. The added bonus for WellnessAmerica Online, when comparing Metaphoria to other solutions is that it is inexpensive and easy to implement,” said Tariq Faridi, CEO of WellnessAmerica Online.


iA (NASDAQ: IARC) delivers information management solutions that empower eBusinesses to securely distribute content and functionality across the Web. iA’s dynamic syndication solutions enable the seamless development and management of global content and functionality syndication from one source to any Web site or device connected to the Net. This dynamic syndication can help companies improve data exchange and collaboration among co-workers, customers, suppliers and partners. iA’s core offering, the Metaphoria Framework, is an open, patented, XML-based product suite delivering customized digital information on the Web. Its dynamic aggregation and syndication technology enable users to access content and commerce application from any source – even multiple sources – enhancing the overall user experience, promoting site stickiness and loyalty, and augmenting eCommerce-generated revenues. Further information about iA is available at .

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