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Informatics Brings List Management In-House With DataFlux Blue Fusion

Informatics Brings List Management In-House With DataFlux Blue Fusion

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CARY, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Feb. 4, 2002

Blue Fusion Enables Cost-Effective Real-Time Data Cleansing for

E-Commerce, Call Center and Data Warehouse Applications for Barcode

and ID Systems Provider

DataFlux Corporation, a SAS Company and leader in the development of data management solutions that increase the accuracy and usability of enterprise- wide database assets, today announced that Informatics, Ltd., Plano, TX, has purchased and begun implementing the DataFlux Blue Fusion Software Developers Kit (SDK).

Informatics is the leading direct marketer of barcoding equipment and software, and of mid-range server (AS400/iSeries) peripheral products. DataFlux Blue Fusion software enables corporations to control the accuracy and usability of their data at point of entry – or at any point of data exchange/sharing between enterprise applications, databases and data warehouses.

Informatics is working to integrate Blue Fusion SDK into their existing call

center CRM application and five e-commerce Web sites to manage customer and prospect data.

In addition, Informatics is planning to utilize the DataFlux solution to cleanse, enhance, and integrate data on their existing contact database of nearly seven million records, enabling the firm to bring list management and list consolidation in-house.

Informatics sought an affordable and easy-to-use solution to eliminate the time and expense associated with outsourcing that would seamlessly integrate data quality functions into their own real-time concurrent user applications. Informatics mails out over two million catalogs and prospecting pieces per year.

As such, every incorrect address and duplicate name costs the company money in terms of multiple mailings and undeliverables. On the first use, Blue Fusion SDK eliminated over 300,000 incorrect and duplicate names from a prospect list of 750,000.

Informatics IT Manager, Tom O’Shea, said, “We evaluated a number of potential solutions for our needs and Blue Fusion SDK from DataFlux gave us all of the functionality and flexibility we were looking for at a very affordable price point. Our goal was to seamlessly integrate our Web sites, call center CRM application and our data warehouse to manage all of our previously outsourced activities in-house. We expect the Blue Fusion SDK from DataFlux to pay for itself this year by enabling us to manage our customer and prospect data ourselves.”

Before implementing DataFlux’s Blue Fusion SDK, Informatics had outsourced the management and consolidation of brokered prospect names. The prospect names are purchased from multiple sources in a variety of file formats, which are combined to form targeted mailing lists.

The prospect lists must then be compared against Informatics’ existing SQL database of over six million customers and prospects to eliminate duplicates, a process that was also outsourced. In addition, Informatics is constantly adding names from the company’s Web sites and call center.

Blue Fusion SDK is an Application Programmer’s Interface with C-callable libraries that integrate easily into any application and sets the foundation for real-time data quality and matching solutions. These libraries include functionality for standardization, matching, fuzzy searching, parsing, data identification, gender analysis, capitalization, and self-maintenance.

Blue Fusion SDK was designed for use by developers working with data-driven applications where quality and usability of data is critical, such as Web sites, CRM applications, data warehousing, call centers, applications requiring fuzzy search capabilities, and extraction, transfer and loading.

Tony Fisher, president of DataFlux said, “Blue Fusion is an ideal solution for enhancing a company’s critical data assets across the enterprise. By embedding Blue Fusion functionality into its real-time applications, Informatics will be able to manage the quality, consistency and usability of their customer and prospect data without the need and expense of outsourced consultants.”

About Informatics, Ltd.

Founded in 1986, Informatics began by specializing in software for the IBM System 34 and IBM System 36. Specifically, Informatics had two products: 3i-METAL and 3i-CU, which were complete software packages for the metal distribution industry and for credit unions.

Since that time, Informatics has grown into three separate divisions: System ID Warehouse, which provides a complete line of bar code, point of sale, and inventory management solutions through its Catalog and on-line store (, featuring all major brands of hardware and software in the Auto-ID industry; System 3X Warehouse, which specializes in providing connectivity solutions and network services for System 34/36/38 and AS400/iSeries midrange servers through its Catalog and on-line store (; and Wasp Barcode Technologies (, a barcode solutions development company which manufactures a professional line of

bar code business products including complete hardware and software suites, TrueType bar code fonts, powerful labeling software, premium bar code scanners, and state-of-the-art developer toolkits.

The success of the three companies has earned Informatics the distinction of being part of the Dallas 100 five years in a row. The award is given to the top 100 growing companies in the Dallas area. Informatics’ on-going commitment to excellence has positioned it in the forefront of it’s respective industries and sets the standard by which the competition aspires to achieve.

The mission of Informatics is: “We deliver mid-range peripheral and ID Systems equipment at the best overall value. We jump through hoops to ship orders the same day they are received.” For more information on Informatics visit:

About DataFlux Corporation

DataFlux is a North Carolina-based software company that provides leading edge, award-winning technology for data cleansing, data augmentation, data consolidation and conversion and data scrubbing.

The versatile DataFlux products are designed to significantly improve the accuracy, consistency and usability of an organization’s critical data, enhancing the effectiveness of data-driven applications and initiatives such as data warehousing, e-commerce systems, data mining, customer information systems, sales force automation, marketing databases, customer/prospect profiling and list management.

Some of the companies currently using DataFlux solutions include Bank of America, US Patent and Trademark Office, and Wells Fargo. DataFlux is a wholly owned subsidiary of SAS Institute, the leader in decision support and data warehousing, providing integrated enterprise information-delivery solutions and e-business solutions. For more on DataFlux, visit:

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