In 2007, China PMP Market Sales Were About 2.99 Million Units

In 2007, China PMP Market Sales Were About 2.99 Million Units

DUBLIN, Ireland — Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of “China PMP Industry & Market Report, 2007-2008” to their offering

The PMP market has started approaching saturation in many advanced countries. PMP sales rely more and more on their own upgrading and updating. So, iSuppli forecasts that the compound average growth rate of PMP shipment will be only 4.3 percent in the coming several years, which is a plunge, compared to 96.1 percent recorded in the period 2002-2007.

The influx of a large number of manufacturers and especially a buildup in domestic chip producers have enabled PMP manufacturers to launch low-cost products successively, which has lead to a sharp fall in PMP prices and a remarkable increase in PMP sales. In 2007, China PMP market sales were about 2.99 million units, of which, 2.38 million units were for the sales of flash memory, amounting to 79.5 percent.

In 2007, China PMP market was highlighted doubtlessly by the increase of chips supporting RMVB format and related products. In the first half of 2007, the launch of ADI Blackfin BP533 decoder chip opened up new prospects for RMVB video player. Later on Ingenic and Rock Chips also rolled out their chips of supporting RMVB format — Jz4740 and RK27XX. Other chip manufacturers are eager to launch their chips supporting RMVB as well.

Aigo and Newman, the two domestic big PMP brands, have actively launched products supporting RM and RMVB formats. Aigo has upgraded the function of supporting RMVB and RM formats to a product concept, MP5, to highlight its marketing characteristics, while Newman said that all of its products in 2008 will support RM and RMVB formats.

Firstly, the report makes an analysis and forecast of PMP markets (shipment and prices) both at home and abroad. Secondly, the report also forecasts the development trends of PMP products in the future based on the survey of PMP configuration changes in the market and analysis of new products launched by main PMP manufacturers. Finally, the report makes a study on the overall situation of China PMP industry, including 25 design companies and 40 PMP terminal manufacturers.


– Overview of PMP

– PMP Market Status and Development Trend

– Development Trend of PMP Products

– Analysis of PMP Core Chip

– PMP Design Companies

– PMP Terminal Manufacturers

Companies Mentioned Include:

– Sigma Designs

– Company Profile

– TI

– Marvell


– Freescale

– NXP (Formerly Philips Semiconductor)


– Ingenient

– B&ST (Shenzhen Bestspring Technology Co., Ltd)





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