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iFrame Video Launches Video Services and Applications to B2B Market

iFrame Video Launches Video Services and Applications to B2B Market

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RESTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–April 20, 2000

iFrame Video, Inc., a leading provider of digital video applications and services, today announced the launch of its video services and applications product line.

iFrame Video will provide digital video applications to Web sites in search of consumer digital video solutions. iFrame Video will provide full screen high quality video services to broadband users while also providing an optimal experience for narrowband users.

Using iFrame Video’s proprietary Video Interactive Service Technology and Applications (VISTA) infrastructure, Web site owners and content providers can offer robust video services to their consumers and end users. iFrame Video supports Quick Time, Real Video, and Windows Media, as well as MPEG 1, 2 and 4 and AVI formats. iFrame Video core products include:

Consumer Video Service: A customer-branded service that provides the ability for consumers to store, edit and share video captured through digital video and digital still cameras with burst capabilities. The services also include custom applications such as: video clip art, video clubs, video greetings, video shaker and similar applications designed for manipulation, editing and dissemination of a consumers personal video

Analog to DVD Service: Enables consumers to digitize and manipulate existing videotapes (Hi8, VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, DV and MiniDV) and burn their videos to a DVD.

vCommerce: A shopping agent that utilizes rich media for advertising and shopping The consumer opt-in, customizable application utilizes a downloadable applet to their desktop for receiving real time information on products and services in a high quality video format.

“We offer a broad range of consumer video applications that can be customized to our customer’s needs. This flexibility widens our audience and the level of services that we can offer,” explained iFrame Video President and CEO, Daniel Schiappa. “With the proliferation of digital video cameras, multimedia content and broadband access, the digital video revolution is imminent and iFrame Video is on the leading edge of the business to business digital video market.”

About iFrame Video, Inc.

iFrame Video, Inc. is a leading business to business technology provider of digital video applications and services. Web site owners and content providers leverage iFrame Video technologies to provide robust video offerings to their consumers and end users. iFrame Video’s core infrastructure, VISTA, allows a wide range of video services to be offered to their clientele. Founded in October 1999, iFrame Video acquired its initial funding through Sony. Additional information can be found at

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