ICTV Announces HeadendWare Deployment for Patient Communication and Diversionary Activities

ICTV Announces HeadendWare Deployment for Patient Communication and Diversionary Activities

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ICTV, creator of HeadendWare(TM), the world’s first centralized platform for the delivery of interactive television services, today announced a pilot deployment of HeadendWare for patient services at Mayo Clinic’s Rochester, MN location.

Mayo Clinic is using the HeadendWare platform to provide TV-based access through patients’ in-room television sets to multiple e-mail services as well as games, weather, surveys and general information. Patients can access the services through Mayo Clinic’s Scientific Atlanta cable plant. In the pilot, Mayo Clinic patients interact with SA Explorer 2200 digital set top boxes using standard SA keyboards and remote controls.

“Our goal has been to help Mayo Clinic meet its patient communications needs in the least complex way possible, using its existing cable plant and standard web development tools,” said Wes Hoffman, president and CEO of ICTV. “We’re pleased that we have been able to help Mayo Clinic deliver patient e-mail, Mayo-created content and content from third-party developers over a single system for the benefit of its patients.”

In the pilot, Mayo Clinic uses HeadendWare’s capabilities to develop and manage their own content and integrate applications from third-party providers. To address the educational and communication needs of their patients, Mayo Clinic plans to create a 21st Century platform to deliver a fully integrated set of patient services including access to their own e-mail accounts, selected educational materials, entertainment and other diversionary activities.

About HeadendWare

The HeadendWare software platform enables interactive, revenue-generating programming to be accessed by any digital set-top. Operating in real time on a two-way cable network, HeadendWare allows TV-friendly interactivity in ways no satellite provider can.

HeadendWare application servers can be distributed across the operator’s optical fiber backbone network. This modular approach enables an operator to support as many as 500,000 digital subscribers from a single headend rack. The platform offers optional back office server applications, including plug-and-play customer data gathering tools for tracking and production of personalized service offerings. Service providers alternatively can choose to integrate HeadendWare with other vendors’ standards-based billing, provisioning, and management systems.

About ICTV

ICTV offers enabling infrastructure for the delivery of new television services to digital cable subscribers. The ICTV HeadendWare(TM) platform provides the most capital efficient approach for operators to increase revenue and customer satisfaction. Strategic partners include ACTV, Adelphia, Liberty Media, Motorola, OpenTV, Shaw Communications, TV Guide, Cox Communications and Lauder Partners.

Based in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, the company has been issued 23 patents and has numerous patents pending, ensuring protection of its unique and innovative television services solution. ICTV is a member of the Motorola Horizon and Scientific-Atlanta CreativEdge Developer’s Programs. For more information, visit www.ictv.com.

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