IBurst System Showcased in Latest KT Demo; KT Highlights ArrayComm’s Performance Advantages in Key Industry Briefing

iBurst System Showcased in Latest KT Demo; KT Highlights ArrayComm’s Performance Advantages in Key Industry Briefing

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SEOUL, Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov. 5, 2003

KT, South Korea’s largest telecommunications service provider, and ArrayComm, the world leader in mobile broadband wireless and smart antenna technologies, reported today that the iBurst(TM) Personal Broadband System was featured prominently in KT’s most recent industry briefing. KT’s presentation and demonstration on October 13 was attended by more than 200 executives from across the South Korean telecommunications industry, including representatives from equipment manufacturers, service providers, and other interested organizations. The session was held as a key contribution to ongoing South Korean development of a roadmap for the country’s Portable Internet services. KT has been conducting the industry’s first side-by-side trial of next-generation broadband wireless technologies, and their results have been eagerly awaited by operators and industry-watchers worldwide.

The session included a presentation of KT’s wireless internet strategy, followed by demonstrations of two of the systems KT recently evaluated. To cut through the current hype and confusion surrounding the real-world performance of wireless broadband solutions, KT recently conducted an exhaustive battery of 62 tests of four systems in downtown Seoul. The tests included a variety of multi-cell and multi-user range, coverage, data rate, and capacity tests in an extremely dense urban environment where non-line-of-site transmission was the norm. KT reported that ArrayComm’s iBurst system showed superb performance throughout the trial. The tests proved the iBurst system’s unique spatial channels performance in a loaded network, consistent user data rates of 1 Mbps, impressive range, mobility speeds of up to 60 km/h in the dense urban setting, excellent indoor coverage, and seamless handover between iBurst base stations and with WLAN networks. The system also showed full support for a range of standard IP applications and platforms, including web surfing, video on demand, and on-line gaming. The iBurst system was featured by KT in the mobility demonstrations conducted for the October 13th session’s attendees.

“ArrayComm’s iBurst technology performed extremely well in our tests, proving without a doubt its maturity and significant performance advantages,” said Dr. Jong-Seog Koh, KT Vice President, Next Generation Wireless Team.

“We are grateful for the continued support of KT in the South Korean industry’s dialog,” added Sam Endy, ArrayComm President and CEO. “We are anxious to help other operators worldwide understand how the iBurst technology’s proven strengths translate into service revenue growth and profitability opportunities 10 times more attractive than alternative broadband wireless systems.”

About KT

KT was founded on Dec. 10, 1981, to contribute to social welfare and convenience in everyday life by operating an efficient telecommunications service and developing telecommunications technology. KT announced the space communications era by launching Korea’s first satellite, Koreasat 1, followed by Koreasat 2 and 3 over the next few years. KT led Korea into the information age as the nation’s major communications company. KT’s broadband service (Megapass) caused a great sensation in the domestic high-speed Internet market. Megapass surpassed 5 million subscribers in Jan. 16, 2003, with a domestic market share up to 48%. KT wrapped up the privatization process selling the entire government stake. KT promotes 2.3 GHz Portable Internet service as one of four key businesses in 2003. KT will be reborn, not as the public telephone company, but as a progressive and creative company that will lead the way in the global information and telecommunications field.

About the iBurst Personal Broadband System

The iBurst Personal Broadband System is a carrier-grade wide area wireless data network designed to provide high-speed Internet access wherever people want it. Distinct and complementary to traditional 2G and emerging 3G systems as well as short-range 802.11 WLAN (WiFi) networks, iBurst Personal Broadband technology delivers a revolutionary Internet experience, combining the freedom of mobility, low cost infrastructure, and transmission speeds similar to a typical home broadband DSL or cable line. The system is architected to support the full range of IP applications in a mobile environment, including e-mail, virtual private networking, high speed Web access, streaming video, VoIP, and on-line gaming. ArrayComm’s patented smart antenna technology is at the heart of the system, providing dramatic gains in coverage and capacity and the industry’s lowest-cost mobile broadband system.

About ArrayComm

ArrayComm, Inc., founded in 1992, is the world leader in mobile broadband wireless and smart antenna technology. ArrayComm’s innovative iBurst Personal Broadband System is the only wireless Internet access system that offers the freedom of mobility with the high speed of DSL at viable consumer pricing. Personal Broadband Australia’s iBurst network in Sydney is currently the world’s most extensive mobile broadband wireless deployment, covering more than 100 square km and 1 million people. ArrayComm’s patented IntelliCell technology — based on fully adaptive smart antenna processing — can deliver order-of-magnitude gains in the coverage and capacity of any personal communications system (current applications include PHS, GSM, WLL, and WCDMA). More than 200,000 IntelliCell-equipped base stations have been deployed worldwide, serving more than 15 million subscribers. The company has more than 340 patents issued or pending worldwide, and its technology licensees include Kyocera, LG Electronics, EADS, Marconi, and AirNet. For more information, please visit www.arraycomm.com.

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