IBM Introduces World’s Highest-Resolution Computer Monitor; Crams 9.2 Million Pixels in a Viewing Area of Two 8 1/2″ X 11″ Pages

IBM Introduces World’s Highest-Resolution Computer Monitor; Crams 9.2 Million Pixels in a Viewing Area of Two 8 1/2″ X 11″ Pages

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ARMONK, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–June 27, 2001

IBM announces the T220, the world’s highest-resolution flat panel monitor, enabling photograph-quality imaging for science, banking, engineering, publishing, medicine and business critical visualization tasks.

The T220, with a screen that shows 12-times more detail than current monitors, becomes the highest resolution monitor to be announced and makes IBM’s monitor lineup the industry’s most comprehensive.

With 200 pixels per inch and more than 9 million pixels in total on its 22.2-inch screen, the T220 monitor displays photographs with a degree of realism not previously possible.

Applications for this technology are wide-ranging, encompassing any field that requires extremely high resolution images — medicine, weather forecasting, publishing and graphic design, banking, product development, satellite mapping and more. The T220 also can show several of the highest definition HDTV channels simultaneously.

“The T220 monitor will promote groundbreaking new applications,” said Bob Artemenko, director – new market development, IBM Display Business Unit. “It enhances the exchange of all types of visual data between machine and the end user, making it possible to see levels of clarity and resolution in electronic images previously attained only in the highest resolution printed media.”

This technology eventually could make its way into displays for laptops, desktops, handhelds and other computing devices, making the viewing of video and digital photos a completely new and more realistic experience.

Wide-Ranging Applications

Users who need to view large volumes of complex data will benefit from the high-resolution and high-content displays. The new IBM monitor can help revolutionize:

Medicine — Physicians will be able to view digitally photographed

X-rays on the display. The X-ray images could also be sent online

to specialists around the world for instant feedback and counsel.

Finance — The T220’s small-footprint yet large-screen is ideal

for a trading desk, which often holds up to six monitors

displaying an array of highly detailed data, from financial

indicators and trading volume to cable news networks and e-mail

with customers and other traders.

Automotive — Crisp digital images can replace hand-built design

models for all the different parts of the car, allowing for

instant changes and speedier development.

Weather Forecasting — Large printed satellite maps and

photographs can be replaced with photo-quality digital images,

allowing meteorologists to quickly interpret weather patterns and

instantly share them with colleagues around the world.

Design — Designers ranging from publishing, fashion, furniture,

home building and beyond can view photo-quality images and

detailed information easier and faster than with paper layouts.

IBM Visual Products

IBM continues to enhance its leadership position in the market by expanding the flat panel product line and incorporating new advanced features. With IBM flat panel monitors, companies can realize significant savings in the form of lower energy costs, better use of space and reduced furniture expense. IBM’s flat panel monitors generate about 30 percent less heat than CRT monitors. Also, IBM’s flat panel monitors, which take up one-third the space of CRT monitors, can be mounted off the desk on brackets or radial arms so they take up no desk space.

IBM provides a complete family of both TFT-LCD flat panel and CRT monitors. The IBM T Series of flat panel monitors range from 15″ to 20.8″ and now to 22.2″, and the E, G and P Series of CRT monitors offer entry, general and professional monitors ranging in sizes up to 21″. IBM offers a choice of both TFT-LCD flat panel and CRT monitors that address a range of applications from basic word processing and spread sheets to advanced graphic applications such as CAD/CAM, digital content creation, video editing and medical and scientific imaging. IBM monitors meet the highest quality and testing standards in the industry today. For more information about IBM Monitors visit:

The IBM T220 will be available in limited quantities this month and with full scale production beginning in 3Q01. The IBM T220 will be available through IBM representatives or through an IBM reseller. The starting price for the new monitor announced today is $22,000.

IBM Research

The IBM T220 is based on technology developed at IBM’s Research Labs in Yorktown Heights, N.Y., and Yamato, Japan. The monitor features an active matrix liquid crystal display based on research that allowed the IBM team to use aluminum instead of molybdenum and tungsten, metals traditionally used in displays. IBM has also demonstrated the use of copper in experimental displays and plans to use copper in future display technologies. Aluminum and copper are better conductors and make low-cost, high-resolution possible. For more information on IBM Research, go to

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